Learn how to launch and manage a start-up at MIP

Former MIP MBA student Elio Di Fiore teamed up with course-mates he met at the Milanese business school to capitalise on the trend to launch a quite revolutionary app: Movym.

It pays to invest in training: Djurdja Milutinovic’s story

Transforming a passion into a career and investing in specialised training to build a glittering career in double quick time – that is the story of Djurdja Milutinovic, a young professional with a real love of the luxury and design sectors.

The Innovative Power of Criticism according to Roberto Verganti

In the great ocean of innovation out there, how do you establish the best course to follow? There are more and more creative ideas out there, which makes it difficult to set the most promising apart from those that could lead an organisation astray. Roberto Verganti, professor of Leadership and Innovation at Politecnico di Milano recommends, in his Article on the prestigious HBR, using a powerful decision-making tool: criticism.

Living the Ferrari experience for a day

On April 15th, my part-time MBA class had the chance to live this experience in person, visiting the Ferrari Headquarters in Maranello. It was not just a simple company visit. It was a day of engagement, insights and added value for all involved.

What does inspiration mean?

One of the main reasons why I selected the IM4 Master Program among a wide set of possible choices, is the unique opportunity to meet, learn and discuss with inspiring people.

Experience Design & Marketing: the Italian Way – Interview with Marina Cvetic Masciarelli

During the course “Experience Design & Marketing: the Italian Way” we had the opportunity to interview Marina Cvetic Masciarelli, CEO & President of Masciarelli Tenute Agricole – a symbol of Italian wine and protagonist of the success of modern wine production.

Desperately wanted: Big Data Analysts

A great way to ride the wave of the Big Data trend and successfully launch yourself onto the work market is undoubtedly to invest in specialised training.
The leading MBAs at the most prestigious business schools in the world have added ad-hoc Big Data courses to their programmes.

My exchange experience at EMLYON is super!

If there is one thing that I will never doubt during my MBA, it is that I made the right decision to go on an exchange to France. Thanks to MIP and its partnerships, I had the chance to spend a few months in Lyon and attend my electives at EMLYON.

Reflections on the 3C’s of Marketing and Product Management

A few weeks ago we had some fantastic classes around the 3 C’s of pricing: Customers, Competitors, Company. Our lectures were focused around Customer and Competitor pricing as these 2 drive a lot of the pricing decisions in the current market.