Nielsen Marketing Contest: the winner is…

IM4 students have the chance to personally interact with the partners of the master, developing some projects with international companies. One of those stimulating experience was proposed by Nielsen.

American Football: Milano Seamen (part 2)

To say that this team is transforming is an understatement. After a slow start to the season, The #SeamenMilano have gone through some tough learning lessons with a young and explosive QB at the helm in Garrett Saffron and an emerging leader in HARD hitting SS David Guthrie. A few weekends ago, we embarked on the long bus ride to Belgrade, Serbia for our first of 2 European Championship Qualifying

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Not to be missed in Milan: Darsena

The Darsena dock district, full of history and tradition, has evolved hand-in-hand with the city’s international development. The atmosphere here is as lively as it ever was and hinges on the many cool spots of the area.

Lessons Working in a Startup: Part 1

For my project work at school I was fortunate enough to serendipitously fall into a role at an Italian Based, Global, eCommerce start-up with clients around the world.

The top five places for contemporary art in Milan

A healthy helping of business, a pinch of lifestyle, a touch of glamour and a whole lot of creativity: it’s the secret recipe that makes Milan a truly unique city.

What I learnt from inspirational professor Michael Dorsch

If I should point out one of the key factors that’s positively influencing my judgment of the program, I would say professors’ competences and capabilities to share valuable contents, examples and inspire personal reflections on their subject.

Clean technology: 5 MIP students launch FoodMe, the app that’s all about sustainability and business in its purest form

Clean technology has for some years now been the focus of a contest open to the most promising business minds of tomorrow. Since 2009, the CleanTech Challenge has been taking place every year in London. The contest is sponsored and hosted by London Business School and University College London, with candidates having to propose their own clean technology business ideas.

Challenges of studying abroad

Studying abroad whether you are in undergrad, or for a Master’s program provides a unique and unforgettable experience! That experience will come with memories, friendships, and moments captured that you will never forget. But what about the challenges?

Student entrepreneurship: economic and managerial expertise are a big plus

It is for this very reason that the AMIE – the Advanced Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – has been established. The AMIE is MIP’s Master’s course designed for all young people wishing to acquire the skills necessary to enable them to employ the proper attention and preparation to achieve their business goals.