Circular economy: the winners at The Circulars 2017

The World Economic Forum in Davos – one of the most important business events on the planet – paid tribute to the sustainable, or rather, the circular economy at its latest meeting between 17 and 20 January 2017.

Perception is everything and value is what makes it

The truth of the matter is that luxury targets and exploits our inner, most buried desire to own something that expresses and signifies a certain level of self-worth set upon by our very selves. At the beginning of our week-long exploration into the Luxury Management MBA Boot Camp, Professor Alessandro Brun conveyed this loud and clear; reminding us that perception is everything and value is what makes it.

Survival Gifts – A new Era of Logistics!

In 2006, Supply chain analysts explored a new branch in the field of logistics which gave a glimpse of hope to mankind: Humanitarian logistics. The UNICEF is one of the leading international organisations which aims to provide humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and their mothers. The type of kit may vary depending on the type of emergency.

Brera: the beating heart of Milan

Design, nightlife, fashion and fun are four of the key ingredients that make up one of the world’s liveliest economic hubs: Milan.

A typical day like an i-Flex student

After almost 5 months in the program, I must confess that it is quite challenging, but all the new concepts, all the experiences shared with my classmates and all the knowledge that I get every day are a proof that I have made the best choice when I decided to enroll in the master.

MIP is about catching opportunities

Since I started my master at MIP, I had the impression to be blending and learning in a challenging and international environment. Thanks to the opportunities offered by the huge MIP network, I found out about AUDENCIA.

The Amazon Experience

When we think of Amazon, we might picture a great ecommerce site, a non-stop player that is revolutionizing the definition of the “shopping experience”, by evolving along with customers and changing their lifestyles. Today, Amazon sells just about everything, from books and movies to clothing and groceries.

Jog in Milan like a local

Nothing have been more lovely than jogging in a sunny morning during my half-year living in Milan so far. Being neither a fashion geek nor a football fan, I just love to experience a culture by putting myself into its most daily life, and try to see it through a local’s lenses.

One of those days that transform expectation into inspiration

“I have nothing but gratitude towards MIP staff for fostering a heartwarming and highly motivating kick-off, to all my classmates for making me part of this path we are following and building together, to the mystic and beautiful Milan for making me feel at home, and to those events that had lead me to know that I am in the right place, in the right moment.”

MBA Day: insights on the manufacturing (r)evolution

How is manufacturing changing? What is the 4th Industrial Revolution and what are the future challenges? These are the main topics that have been discussed at MIP during one of the latest MBA Days, the events organized by the MBA Recruitment Team and dedicated to the next generation of Growingleaders who want to visit the campus and live the experience of the business school.