Buy less, buy better and boost your image: the Patagonia case

Buy less, buy better, extend the life of a product. It’s a wise, shareable, smart message. The author behind this message of responsibility, this call to be more aware of our personal consumption habits, is none other than a clothing brand. We’re referring to Patagonia, a company for whom sustainability has always guided their decision-making across production, raw materials and environmental policy.

Alberto Cammarota: from concert musician to MBA student

We can always learn something new, and nothing is worth throwing away. Ever. Testament to this is Alberto Cammarota, a student on the 10th International Part Time MBA at MIP, with a past in the world of music.

From India to Amazon UK via MIP: the Mayur Saxena success story

Every year, the online retail giant – along with many other leading names from the Fortune 500 list – headhunts and hires the best MIP students, with the objective of helping them develop and transforming them into the leaders of tomorrow. This was exactly what happened to Saxena, who won a place on the Amazon Pathways Programme.

5 lessons working in a start up from MIP IM4 alumnus Robert Napoli

About 8 months ago I serendipitously got a call about a job working for a Milan based Start Up from a Blog Post I wrote about my experience coaching American Football in Italy. One that has provided me with such an experience and lessons learned. There are many lessons I have learned and many more to learn along the way. But a few key takeaways to share for those looking at joining a start up or want to join a start up.

From the Caves to the stars: a portrait of Matera!

As many people might know, Matera was recently elected European Capital of Culture 2019, chosen from a group of candidates that consisted of some of the most famous Italian cities, such as Venice, Siena, and Perugia. Most people probably don’t know that much about Matera and even fewer are able to pin point the location on a map of Italy without having to ask “Mr Google”! Ok, let’s start from

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Milan and the magic of Christmas

Any excuse is a good one this year if it means you get to enjoy the magic of Christmas in Milan! The countdown to Christmas starts on 7 December, the feast day of Milan’s patron saint St. Ambrose, when the lights are switched on and the city comes alive with events, shows and traditional markets all over town.

Beijing student Stella Li on why she chose a Master ACE at MIP

Stella Li, from Beijing, shares with us her experience after successfully completing Master ACE at MIP, and offers some words of wisdom to perspective students. Talk briefly about yourself. I come from Beijing, where I studied Business Administration in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences I have a long standing passion for the outdoors. I love exploring and travelling, either city tour or travelling around the suburb of China, Italy, Switzerland,

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Luca Nardone tells Graduation Day: Celebrate diversity in order to grow

At the end of an international MBA, each student will have built up a wealth of personal experiences and memories, yet it is equally important to share these with those at the start of the journey, unknowing of what to expect.

Fasten your seat belts and fly with us to Barcelona!

After few weeks, back to our daily routine, I’m still smiling thinking back to our International Week at EADA Business School in Barcelona – a partner business school of MIP – which we lived as part of our International Part Time MBA experience. And it is true, it happens quite often that I find myself scrolling the photo gallery of my smartphone and live again some moments spent together with

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Seven tips for launching your own start-up (part 2)

So where were we? Ah, yes! We were working through seven precious pearls of wisdom from Avid Larizadeh Duggan, a General Partner of Google Venture, no less. She’s put together a list of key advice for young talent looking to launch a start-up. We’re up to number four: are you ready to go again?