My MIP Experience: Application

It’s incredible to think that I began this journey almost two years ago and now I’m sitting here reviewing my final project.
It seems cliché to say that ‘time flies’, especially because that wasn’t always the case. The reality is that there were moments where time really seemed to be standing still and getting past the fatigue and mental strain felt impossible. You tell yourself during that final hour of classes that you’re a Rock Star for making it this far and then you dig deep to pull yourself together, knowing that it will all be worth it in the end.

Hungry for innovation? Head to Campus Party in Milan

Are you ready for the most innovative experience of the year?
Campus Party 2017 is coming to Milan. From 20 to 23 July, the capital of Lombardy will become home to the hippest tech and innovation event around right now.
This international festival brings together talent between the ages of 18 and 28, the most innovative companies in the business world, institutions with a focus on technological development, future-oriented universities and many other leading players in the world of innovation. It is a chance to have discussions, work together and plan for the future of the technological and digital age.

Management Bootcamp: intense, informative and integrated

The 3-month management bootcamp finished about two weeks ago, together with all my MBA classes. When I look back, however, it feels as if this only happened yesterday. After having been offered a huge buffet of knowledge, I am still digesting what I have gained in the past 3 months and excitedly expecting to convert it into my own muscle in the coming 3-month project work.

Soundtracks of my MBA experience

Summer is coming, its taste is in the air and for some of us it’s time to plan holidays, days off, weekends and trips… but there is no summer without music, right? Each summer has its soundtrack, a song (or more than one) that remains in our mind for the entire break… a summer hit that we sing, dance to or hum while driving along the highway towards wherever we’re going.

Build up a competitive professional profile with the MIP Consulting Club

The MIP Consulting Club is a newborn initiative developed by several students on the IMIM Master program. After undergoing a process of gestation, it is now starting to roll out thanks to the involvement of some more students from other MIP master programs, such as MG Lux and IM4. So far, it is composed mainly of recent graduates who want to know more about the career opportunities that this profession can offer and share their interests and questions.

The second-hand market: a growing sector and a good business opportunity

The world of consumption has stopped consuming.
That’s according to the Osservatorio Second Hand Economy by Doxa, which identified significant growth in the second-hand market in 2016.
It is evidence of the gradual establishment of the circular economy, the virtuous business model oriented towards sustainability and responsibility, which promotes informed consumption and aims to increase the lifecycle of products.

The Silicon Valley experience

I fielded curious looks from my classmates as the Optional Activity period approached at the end of April in our International MBA.
“You’re going to Silicon Valley? When you’re from the United States?”
They couldn’t believe that I was passing up the opportunity for further travels, such as joining them on trips to Moscow, Beijing or Paris. Though all the options were appealing, the Silicon Valley Experience was something I had been excited about even before the MBA started and as we received more details, it just kept sounding better – so it was off to San Francisco for me.

The 6 MBA Trends for 2017

Thinking of signing up for an MBA to enhance your training and kickstart your career?
For a more accurate picture, take a look at the global trends in the world of MBA (Master of Business Administration) courses and the impact they can have on the careers of their alumni.
Employment rates, average salaries, the most desirable skills in the job market: you’ll find everything you need to know to form an in-depth picture of the MBA universe and make an informed decision.

GEMOS: a perfect opportunity to promote my professional profile

As an engine without fuel is nothing, MIP can provide the fuel and I will put the engine. That represents pretty well what I thought when I decided to participate to GEMOS, the Global Executive Master in Operations and Supply Chain at MIP Business School of Politecnico di Milano.
I have always considered my professional career as a great opportunity to learn new things, meet people, travel around the world and face stimulating challenges.

How to write a knock-out cover letter

“It’s me! I’m the candidate you’ve been looking for!”
In order to convince a recruiter that you’re the perfect fit for their vacancy, you have to become a chameleon, morphing into the right candidate for the right position over and over again.
To achieve this, it’s vital that you take full advantage of every single second of contact you have with the recruiter, starting from the cover letter you send alongside your CV.