Seven tips for launching your own start-up (part 2)

So where were we? Ah, yes! We were working through seven precious pearls of wisdom from Avid Larizadeh Duggan, a General Partner of Google Venture, no less. She’s put together a list of key advice for young talent looking to launch a start-up. We’re up to number four: are you ready to go again?

Interview with alumnus Nico Reuter: My MSCPM experience and how it helped me expand my own professional network

In this interview Nico Reuter, from Bavaria, Germany, shares with us his MSCPM experience and how this helped him expand his own professional network Why did you decide to pursue a master, and why did you choose MSCPM? After graduating, I had the choice between starting my professional career, or continue studying. Several reasons spoke for a master’s program. Just to name a few, better job opportunities, the great time of

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Seven tips for launching your own start-up (part 1)

Got an idea? Great – but you need more than that to become a successful entrepreneur. You need passion, dedication, a clear objective and a whole lot of expertise.

Start of the journey – First stop Milano!

A few weeks ago, several of our international programs including the IM4, BABD, AMIE, MSPME and International MBA Full-time kick-started in Milan with the first semester students arriving to attend the official welcome ceremonies. This was followed by endless parties and aperitivos and eventually classes, exams and assignments. Right at the outset, the students look amazingly enthusiastic, curious and ready to take on challenges. Amidst the ginormous logistics planning involved

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MBAs are back in fashion in Silicon Valley

While in recent years the start-up phenomenon has fuelled the belief that in order to become a management wizard or successful entrepreneur you needed a knack for business, a genius idea and a strong onus on professional development, now the market data is painting a completely different picture.

Starting a new experience: i-Flex MBA kick-off week

Thinking about the i-Flex kick-off week we have just had makes me realize that we have all just started an amazing journey that is going to fill us not only with new knowledge but also with new friends and great networking opportunities. To give you the full picture of the entire week, I will begin by talking about my “pre-kick-off week” feelings. Before arriving to MIP, I was kind of

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Meet the team: insights on settling in Milan (Part 2)

It is a real headache when you need to get all the legal documents done in a foreign country without speaking the local language. It could be frustrating not knowing where and how to start with the procedures. As part of a continuous service offered by International Students Office, we support you to make a priority of your documents for both living and studying in Italy and to give hints

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Experience is vital when managing an international team

In our contemporary, cosmopolitan and joined-up world, it is increasingly important to have a comprehensive understanding of the cultural differences between people.

From Rome to Las Vegas via Milan…

Try to figure out roughly 50 people coming from different parts of the world, from different cities, with different ways of life, different jobs and life experiences, different perspectives and ambitions, dressing casual or business, with just one thing in common: putting themselves on the line and taking the challenge to bet on an International MBA at MIP.

5 quintessential (and arguably untranslatable) Italian expressions definitely worth learning (part two)

We all know that being able to draw on a wide-ranging vocabulary of colloquial expressions is the best way to fit in with the locals, so are you ready to dive back into the sometimes crazy, always hilarious world of Italy’s most commonly used – and frequently untranslatable – expressions? We certainly are. Let’s go!