The Circular Economy

“We are so bound by time. By its order… But now I’m not so sure I believe in beginnings and endings. There are days that define your story beyond your life. Like the day they arrived.” –“Arrival”
When it comes to business, we can easily fall into the stereotype of a linear mindset, believing it all starts from getting the customers and ends with offering them the products or services they expect.

4 great lessons I learned at The World Business Forum, Bogotá

Last June I had the opportunity to attend the Wobi Event in Bogotá, “Be Beta”, a space that brings together a group of curious minds who share a passion for business. This was a great experience to complement my i-Flex program in the context of learning and gaining inspiration from many influential figures in business and other areas. It provided an excellent opportunity for networking and I came away feeling that my mind had been greatly stretched by the experience.

Milan: Five fascinating spots off the beaten track

A stroll down Corso Vittorio Emanuele, a walk along the Navigli, an aperitivo in Brera. Enough with the clichés already!
Forget the standard tourist trails and get ready to discover the five most fascinating places in Milan.
How much do you want to bet that we’re going to surprise you?

International Masters 2017 – Welcome

Milan – here I come! This must be echoing on and on in the minds of our incoming master students and we can’t wait to receive them at our campus this Fall.
It’s time to kick-start the 2017 editions of the masters in big data/business analytics, luxury management, multichannel marketing, industrial management, project management, supply chain & purchasing and innovation & entrepreneurship – 7 of our single, double and triple degree programs.

Study abroad: Rosalia Campana, from Peru to MIP in Milan

Choosing to embark on a professional training programme can be a complex decision for future leaders who come to a crossroads in their lives. Selecting the right destination and the ideal Business School can seem nigh on impossible. However, it can be done. Things become much clearer if you seek out in-depth information, consider every single variable and contemplate the opportunities and negative aspects of every option on the table.

International MBA 2017 – Welcome

MIP is gearing up to welcome the international class of the 38th edition of the International Full Time MBA program this September and we are over the moon about the big day – the official kick-off ceremony! Talking about ceremonies, this year’s kick-off day will witness 60+ MBA participants from over 25 countries and an amazingly diverse set of cultural, professional and academic backgrounds.

How to answer those tough interview questions about your weaknesses

“…and what are your weaknesses?” Panic. You’re well prepared. You knew that this question was going to come up sooner or later. But you’re still unsure about what to do. Of course, as most of us know, you can’t just start reeling off a list of your shortcomings in case you come across as damaged goods and endanger your chances of getting the job. So what do you do?

Designing the city of the future… a great win!

Getting into MIP – Politecnico di Milano is an interesting adventure for masters’ students seeking an interactive learning experience. A few days after our arrival in Milan, we started receiving emails on subjects related to the business field, project management, job offers and much more. In brief, messages which supported master students who were pushing against their limits.

GMAC research states that soft skills are learned at B-Schools

WANTED: empathetic leader, capable of working in a team, problem solver, flexible, enthusiast, highly respected, excellent communication skills.
What about the role? And the technical skills needed? They’re (almost) irrelevant, because the real drivers behind hiring decisions are soft skills.
These skills cannot be certified or guaranteed, but they’re increasingly crucial if you want to be a success in the current work market.
While they are partly linked to the innate personality and attitude of the person in question, soft skills can also be learned during educational and professional experiences.

MIP Pitching Day at Date Food

In the end, the 18th of May finally arrived: the MIP Pitching Day. It was an important evening for the 22 people from our Full Time MBA class who decided to attend the course, “Business Plan & Lean Launch Pad”, which took place during the last two weeks of April.