My story in Europe

My story in Europe began with winning the “Invest Your Talent” scholarship, which allowed me to study the subject in which I have a strong interest – project management – at three leading European universities. One of the requirements of the scholarship was a mandatory internship in Italy after graduation and since I had a three-month summer vacation, I decided to use it to the maximum and complete the internship this year.

A scholarship to MIP and an internship at IBM: Abhilash Rao Nagoji

Fortune favours the brave. But success always rewards the best.
These two sentences go a long way to summing up the experience of Abhilash Rao Nagoji, the young Indian professional who came to MIP in Milan to study on a full-time MBA course.
It was the chance of a lifetime for Abhilash, made possible after he received a prestigious scholarship.

WE CAME. WE SAW. WE LOVED. [Second part]

Next we traversed those Alps, heading for Switzerland to discover the luxury watchmaking industry in the heart of the Jura Watch Valley, Neuchâtel. Our introductory lecture on ‘Swiss Watchmaking’ was given by François Courvoisier, Kaloust Zorik, and Maria Bashutkina.

CSR communication works best on social media

From communication about corporate responsibility to corporate responsibility in the realm of communication: this is the switch that companies big and small are making in the way they talk about sustainability.
It is a global phenomenon driven by two main factors.

WE CAME. WE SAW. WE LOVED. [First part]

When I fondly think back to our study tour, Marcel Proust’s words seem particularly poignant: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes”.
14 days of learning, 6 destinations, 4 countries and 1 journey of a lifetime! Today education is global and travel is an essential part of lifelong learning. Our study tour took in Innsbruck, Munich, Schwangau, Neuchâtel, Reims and Paris.

Milan’s stock soars in post-Brexit Europe

Brothers of Italy: Milan has awoken.
After years spent working towards recovery with the spectre of the economic crisis snapping at our heels, the time for Milan to rise again has finally arrived.
Indeed, the Lombardy capital is currently establishing itself as Italy’s financial capital and one of the most interesting cities in the European economic context.

Thank God I was in Buenos Aires in July 2017

It’s August 1st. Clearly July has gone but what will never be gone are the memories from the iFlex face2face week in Buenos Aires from July 24 to 29, 2017.
Let me tell you that our group is very special. We are creative, emotional, academic, serious, ambitious, passionate, friendly, diversified and most importantly we are the “first” international iFlex group.

Top Italian managers leading big names of luxury sector

There is plenty of Italian influence at the top of the biggest companies in the world of luxury.
According to a recent report published in the online edition of Il Sole 24 Ore, Italian management talent is taking the foreign markets by storm, successfully taking control of the most prestigious high-end brands and organisations around.

The Circular Economy

“We are so bound by time. By its order… But now I’m not so sure I believe in beginnings and endings. There are days that define your story beyond your life. Like the day they arrived.” –“Arrival”
When it comes to business, we can easily fall into the stereotype of a linear mindset, believing it all starts from getting the customers and ends with offering them the products or services they expect.

4 great lessons I learned at The World Business Forum, Bogotá

Last June I had the opportunity to attend the Wobi Event in Bogotá, “Be Beta”, a space that brings together a group of curious minds who share a passion for business. This was a great experience to complement my i-Flex program in the context of learning and gaining inspiration from many influential figures in business and other areas. It provided an excellent opportunity for networking and I came away feeling that my mind had been greatly stretched by the experience.