An MBA in Italy at the MIP is a tangible and strategic choice, during any year. It is a Business School of excellence, it has solid partnerships with other leading European and international B-schools, it offers a top level professional network and always has a strong focus on strategic managerial aspects.
This said, choosing one in 2015 offers at least five advantages not to be overlooked. We have listed ours in this gallery. What would you add?

For the lifestyle

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Man cannot live on education alone, and the Italian dolce vita is the ideal setting for curricula activities. The city offers endless possibilities for passing the time between a lesson, a meeting, or a team work project with your colleagues. Aperitifs at Navigli, an all-nighter in the Garibaldi district, a casual evening in the pubs of the Città Studi, and the finest Italian patisserie, the countless aromas and flavours of Mediterranean cuisine and excellent wines just waiting to be tasted…. This is Milan!