Murjani Francis

Murjani is currently completing the International Part Time MBA. She was born in Ontario, Canada and is of Caribbean descent. At the moment, she manages a luxury Ecommerce in the heart of Milan. However, one of her top goals is to explore as much of Europe as possible while she can so all tips are welcomed!

My MIP Experience: Application

It’s incredible to think that I began this journey almost two years ago and now I’m sitting here reviewing my final project.
It seems cliché to say that ‘time flies’, especially because that wasn’t always the case. The reality is that there were moments where time really seemed to be standing still and getting past the fatigue and mental strain felt impossible. You tell yourself during that final hour of classes that you’re a Rock Star for making it this far and then you dig deep to pull yourself together, knowing that it will all be worth it in the end.

Perception is everything and value is what makes it

The truth of the matter is that luxury targets and exploits our inner, most buried desire to own something that expresses and signifies a certain level of self-worth set upon by our very selves. At the beginning of our week-long exploration into the Luxury Management MBA Boot Camp, Professor Alessandro Brun conveyed this loud and clear; reminding us that perception is everything and value is what makes it.

#MyDear2017 Growingleader Party: ‘no question whether or not to attend’

The holiday season reminds us to reflect upon the past year and brings about a desire for celebration. For me, 2016 was a year of bold and unapologetic decision making; something I’ve learned to harness during my time at MIP.