Robert Napoli

Robert, a Midwest boy from Kansas City - Missouri - is an alumnus of the International Master in Multichannel Marketing Management – IM4. He is passionate about life and figuring out what it means to be globally connected. He is passionate about Brand Management, Digital Strategy, Communication, Pricing, and Marketing across cultures!

Building and Implementing a Content Marketing plan

For my Master’s Project with Beast Technologies, I had the unique opportunity to develop, plan, and implement a Content Marketing Strategy from scratch that grew our Social Media presence almost 80% in 6 months across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I am going to try and keep it contained to the key points and small takeaways as I don’t believe that you can just put a blanket strategy for every market.

Lessons Working in a Start Up: Part 2

At what point do you stop saying you work for a start up? Meaning you cannot be a start up forever, I mean all companies started up from somewhere. But in order to scale your start up must grow and after time it is no longer a start up and needs to start taking steps to grow, be acquired, or go public.

5 lessons working in a start up from MIP IM4 alumnus Robert Napoli

About 8 months ago I serendipitously got a call about a job working for a Milan based Start Up from a Blog Post I wrote about my experience coaching American Football in Italy. One that has provided me with such an experience and lessons learned. There are many lessons I have learned and many more to learn along the way. But a few key takeaways to share for those looking at joining a start up or want to join a start up.

5 things learned studying abroad

Choosing to do a Master’s Program at MIP has been a great experience. One of the amazing things that I had the opportunity to do while attending MIP was getting to study for 2 weeks in that beautiful Barcelona, Spain as part of MIP and eada partnership.

American Football: Milano Seamen (part 2)

To say that this team is transforming is an understatement. After a slow start to the season, The #SeamenMilano have gone through some tough learning lessons with a young and explosive QB at the helm in Garrett Saffron and an emerging leader in HARD hitting SS David Guthrie. A few weekends ago, we embarked on the long bus ride to Belgrade, Serbia for our first of 2 European Championship Qualifying

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Lessons Working in a Startup: Part 1

For my project work at school I was fortunate enough to serendipitously fall into a role at an Italian Based, Global, eCommerce start-up with clients around the world.

Challenges of studying abroad

Studying abroad whether you are in undergrad, or for a Master’s program provides a unique and unforgettable experience! That experience will come with memories, friendships, and moments captured that you will never forget. But what about the challenges?

Why I Decided to get a Master’s: 8 months later

My journey back to school and across the world to Milan has flown by! 8 months ago I hopped on a plane with my girlfriend, next stop, Milan. Why Milan?

Football (American) in Italy

The transition from player to coach has been a wonderful experience full of emotions. One of the reasons I wanted to be involved in this experience is I wanted to continue being around the game I love, but I also wanted to transfer my knowledge and experience to help others from a culture where this sport is not mainstream and help them learn and grow.

Reflections on the 3C’s of Marketing and Product Management

A few weeks ago we had some fantastic classes around the 3 C’s of pricing: Customers, Competitors, Company. Our lectures were focused around Customer and Competitor pricing as these 2 drive a lot of the pricing decisions in the current market.

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