Robert Napoli

Robert Napoli

Robert, a Midwest boy from Kansas City - Missouri - is an alumnus of the International Master in Multichannel Marketing Management – IM4. He is passionate about life and figuring out what it means to be globally connected. He is passionate about Brand Management, Digital Strategy, Communication, Pricing, and Marketing across cultures!

The Value of IM4 Partners

The 1st edition of the IM4 or Master’s of International Multichannel Marketing Management kicked off in September of 2015. Since starting, it has been a flurry of activity, experiences, case studies, lectures, and workshops.

Why I chose IM 4 and attend MIP to get my Master’s- From Des Moines to Milano

Robert Napoli is studying in the 1st edition of International Multichannel Marketing Management through MIP. The program is represented by 27 students representing 12 countries, and it is truly a multicultural learning environment. His desire is to work in Marketing for Global Brands focusing, ideally, on the use of Big Data to help develop and create Brand Driven Digital Strategies.

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