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Pop-up stores: the story of their success

CARPE DIEM Pop-up stores: condensed brand experience Carpe diem, as the Romans used to say. The Roman poet Horace encouraged us to seize the day and it is a lesson that applies to all of the enjoyable things in life, including the wonderfully frivolous delights of shopping. This is exemplified by temporary shops, also known as pop-up stores. They have introduced new dynamics and desires into the retail world by

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Taking charge of your online reputation

As employers increasingly seek information online, a professional online presence can help a job candidate stand above the crowd while digital missteps can add up to lost job opportunities.  Even before a job candidate sits down for an interview, a growing number of employers are doing their homework online, looking for information to either confirm someone has the qualifications – or lacks them – to do the job. Indeed, according

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Sustainable packaging: how far have we come?

START WITH PACKAGING   The many stumbling blocks on the road to sustainable packaging Sustainability and success increasingly go hand in hand for brands in today’s market. This is underlined by businesses in the field: in recent years, green approaches have helped numerous companies to relaunch successfully in their own fields or explore new ones. However, while taking an eco-friendly approach may have seemed ground-breaking and original some time ago, due

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Behind the scenes of a Presidential Campaign

From the MBA to the presidential campaign. Our Alumnus Jehudi Castro Sierra, Vice-Minister of Digital Economy in Colombia, shares his experience as Chief Technology Officer during Colombian elections. You are a consultant and an entrepreneur but during the Colombian presidential campaign, you played a different role. Can you share this experience with us? My background is as a software developer and I have been leading software development teams in large companies like

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Trust is essential in online shopping: the challenge for brands is to build it up

In 2017, the global ​e-commerce market​ was worth more than $2 trillion. It is a record-breaking figure but more surprises are in store, with an increase of 100% expected by 2021. So should we consider the performances in the world of online shopping a success story? Not exactly: fewer than 4% of desktop users landing on an e-commerce website decide to make a purchase, so it is plain to see

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Voice technology: the voice of the future

Part friend, part virtual butler – we just can’t do without our voice-technology assistants. They’re in our smartphones, in our homes, in our cars. They’re activated by simply hearing our voices, and – over time – they get to know us. They become familiarised with our vocal timbre, learn to understand our tastes and grow alongside us with every passing day. They guide us, assist us and liberate us. Because

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Move over IQ – it’s all about EQ now…

Would you be surprised to learn that people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time? This fact certainly flies in the face of traditional thinking.
What is it that makes the difference? Emotional intelligence, that’s what – a critical, if rather intangible factor which exists in each of us to a greater or lesser extent. And there’s the rub; we are not all blessed with innate EQ. However, thankfully, it can be learned.

Italy driving digital innovation in luxury sector

Artisans, tailors and small business owners? Sure, but that’s not all. Italy’s luxury sector has left the era of thumbtacks, measuring tape and hand-drawn sketches behind and is now showing its pedigree in the world of business 2.0. That’s according to Contactlab, a leading Italian multi-channel digital marketing company, who have recently collected and published the results of the Digital Competitive Map 2018, a control and classification tool used to

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Beyond the balance sheet

In its latest Global Human Capital Trends report, Deloitte charts the rise of the social enterprise, in which companies’ reputation for respecting and supporting stakeholders and the environment is key to bottom line success. Indeed, the consultancy notes that some 65% of CEOs in a recent survey rated “inclusive growth” as a top-three strategic concern, more than three times greater than the proportion citing “shareholder value”.

How to get balanced online reviews using economic and social incentives

90% of consumers check online reviews before buying something, especially when it comes to online purchases. This statistic was revealed by the online review community Trustpilot and confirmed by the Brighton-based web company BrightLocal.
Research carried out by the British organization also showed that four out of five customers claim that they trust brands more if they read positive reviews about them, while 84% of buyers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from acquaintances.