Jiaqi Zheng

Jiaqi Zheng

Jiaqi is a current student of the Full Time MBA 2016-2017, attracted to Italy by its fascinating language and culture. She claims herself as an experimental cook, a gym girl, an observer of diversity, a curious soul eager for constant personal growth.

Management Bootcamp: intense, informative and integrated

The 3-month management bootcamp finished about two weeks ago, together with all my MBA classes. When I look back, however, it feels as if this only happened yesterday. After having been offered a huge buffet of knowledge, I am still digesting what I have gained in the past 3 months and excitedly expecting to convert it into my own muscle in the coming 3-month project work.

Jog in Milan like a local

Nothing have been more lovely than jogging in a sunny morning during my half-year living in Milan so far. Being neither a fashion geek nor a football fan, I just love to experience a culture by putting myself into its most daily life, and try to see it through a local’s lenses.