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How to be an entrepreneur

I have always had the desire to become an entrepreneur. It was back in 2009 when I started to think about it. At the time, I was a younger engineer with a lot of dreams and expectations regarding my future and career.

Never stop growing: Interview with Roberto Marani

On the occasion of the Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony at MIP Politecnico di Milano, Roberto Marani, CEO and Founder at Sorgente Group, Founder and Partner at Milky Way, tells his story.
Could you please introduce yourself, giving us a bit about your background and describing your current business?
Certainly. My name is Roberto Marani and I am 42 years old. In terms of education, my university degree was in Civil Engineering, but before that, I was a soldier.

How MIP’s MBA launched Vitale towards an entrepreneurial career in AI

Sometimes, not even a passion for innovation, lofty professional ambitions and extensive technical skills are enough when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur.
You need specific skills to make the step up to manager. As well as the obvious management skills, it’s vital that you have strategic vision and a clear grasp of economic issues.
Just ask Alessandro Vitale, a man with a passion for new technology who dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. In order to take his career to the next level, Vitale decided to undertake an MBA.

CMOs are now CEO material

It was back in 2012 that Harvard Business Review published an almost sacrilegious article under the title “Marketing is dead”.
The headline was a reaction to an adverse climate, both inside and outside companies.
From one side, consumers were beginning to become sceptical and selective when it came to corporate communications, condemning traditional advertising to death in the process.
From the other, CEOs were at their wits end with the demanding approach of CMOs, who were used to requesting economic resources without having to justify the investment or produce evidence of ROI.

A scholarship to MIP and an internship at IBM: Abhilash Rao Nagoji

Fortune favours the brave. But success always rewards the best.
These two sentences go a long way to summing up the experience of Abhilash Rao Nagoji, the young Indian professional who came to MIP in Milan to study on a full-time MBA course.
It was the chance of a lifetime for Abhilash, made possible after he received a prestigious scholarship.

Study abroad: Rosalia Campana, from Peru to MIP in Milan

Choosing to embark on a professional training programme can be a complex decision for future leaders who come to a crossroads in their lives. Selecting the right destination and the ideal Business School can seem nigh on impossible. However, it can be done. Things become much clearer if you seek out in-depth information, consider every single variable and contemplate the opportunities and negative aspects of every option on the table.

Build up a competitive professional profile with the MIP Consulting Club

The MIP Consulting Club is a newborn initiative developed by several students on the IMIM Master program. After undergoing a process of gestation, it is now starting to roll out thanks to the involvement of some more students from other MIP master programs, such as MG Lux and IM4. So far, it is composed mainly of recent graduates who want to know more about the career opportunities that this profession can offer and share their interests and questions.

GEMOS: a perfect opportunity to promote my professional profile

As an engine without fuel is nothing, MIP can provide the fuel and I will put the engine. That represents pretty well what I thought when I decided to participate to GEMOS, the Global Executive Master in Operations and Supply Chain at MIP Business School of Politecnico di Milano.
I have always considered my professional career as a great opportunity to learn new things, meet people, travel around the world and face stimulating challenges.

Five Years After my MBA at MIP

Catching up with our MIP Alumni, Lebanese/Canadian Hadi Ghader has recently ventured into Kuwait’s e-commerce sector. Born and raised in Kuwait, Hadi completed his undergraduate in Supply chain Management from the John Molson Business School at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Right after graduation, Hadi moved back to Kuwait and began his journey in the FMCG industry.

The MIP effect, according to International MBA alumnus Alberto Rinella

Being able to transform a negative event into an opportunity is one of the key managerial traits that all successful leaders must have embedded in their DNA. Failing that, they must show commitment and dedication to hone the skill over time. It’s something that Alberto Rinella, a former student on the MIP international MBA course in Milan, is well aware of.