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NEI among finalists of Nestle Creating Shared Value Prize

We are proud to announce that NEI, Natural Extracts Industries, a Tanzania-based company and one of the leading players in the production of high-quality natural extracts, is one of the companies named as finalists in the Nestle Creating Shared Value Prize 2016. The General Manager of NEI goes by the name of Jayadeep Akkireddy and is a former MBA student at MIP in Milan.

Interview with designer and former MBA student Brittany Harris

My name is Brittany Harris, I was born in Palm Beach but lived in many corners of the globe – from Caracas, New York, Miami, Milan to Shanghai. I earned a Bachelors Degree in communications from Hoftsra University and an MBA in international business from MIP Politecnico di Milano. I currently live in NYC.

Learn how to launch and manage a start-up at MIP

Former MIP MBA student Elio Di Fiore teamed up with course-mates he met at the Milanese business school to capitalise on the trend to launch a quite revolutionary app: Movym.

It pays to invest in training: Djurdja Milutinovic’s story

Transforming a passion into a career and investing in specialised training to build a glittering career in double quick time – that is the story of Djurdja Milutinovic, a young professional with a real love of the luxury and design sectors.

Desperately wanted: Big Data Analysts

A great way to ride the wave of the Big Data trend and successfully launch yourself onto the work market is undoubtedly to invest in specialised training.
The leading MBAs at the most prestigious business schools in the world have added ad-hoc Big Data courses to their programmes.

Travelling and discovering countries enables you to find the continent within: the story of Jayadeep Akkireddy, MIP MBA alumnus

On hearing Jayadeep’s story, it is hard not to be taken over by an irrepressible desire to travel, to discover, to move faster and to let yourself be dragged along by the many cultures of the world.

Business schools are the cradle of the new wave of female entrepreneurship

According to a PitchBook’s research, the women that have enjoyed success as entrepreneurs and start-up founders are those that have honed their skills and perfected their leadership expertise by undertaking an MBA. Such a course is not just an opportunity for learning, but also for professional and personal development.

Two MIP international MBA alumni bump into each other in Santiago!

Flavio Vilani, a former MIP international MBA student who now lives in Brazil, was on a trip to Santiago, when he bumped into Frederick, a fellow MIP alumnus from Ecuador who was on his way to Australia and had stopped off in the Chilean capital for just one day. Brazil, Italy, Ecuador, Australia and Chile might seem far apart from each other, but MIP brings them closer together.

5 hot tips to land your dream job

In the world of employment, often, where there’s a will there’s a way. Keep in mind that to obtain your ideal job, you simply need to better organise your skills, both your professional and personal ones.