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The luxury beauty of local traditions: The MIP’s Mark in Monte Carlo

7 teams selected within 75 groups, 7 luxury business projects identified as the most inspiring and pioneering ideas from the ones submitted by 33 Business Schools, 7 pitches presented in front of an International jury. This is the wonderful experience that we lived in the fanciest city of the world, Monte Carlo, which hosted the Grand Final of “The Mark Challenge 2017”.

Perception is everything and value is what makes it

The truth of the matter is that luxury targets and exploits our inner, most buried desire to own something that expresses and signifies a certain level of self-worth set upon by our very selves. At the beginning of our week-long exploration into the Luxury Management MBA Boot Camp, Professor Alessandro Brun conveyed this loud and clear; reminding us that perception is everything and value is what makes it.

The importance of sharing knowledge: the example of Franco Quillico, Professor of Banking and Finance at MIP

If you have the privilege of forming part of a very special mailing list, a truly unique message will land in your inbox at a particular time every day. It will be a fresh, inspiring quote direct from the Financial Times that Franco Quillico, Professor of Banking and Finance at MIP, has selected, summarised and shared with you.

MIP i-Flex among the six most innovative MBAs in the world

What shape does real wealth take in the world today?

It lies in being able to manage your own time and dovetail all of your work and personal commitments so that you can make the most of every second of the day.

An MBA in Italy? It’s the right choice!

Italy has finally rediscovered its A game in the market sectors it’s always excelled in – fashion, luxury, design and food. Meanwhile, its cities are flourishing once again, its labour market is on the up and its most prestigious business schools are ready to open their doors to the most ambitious international talents looking for the best the market has to offer.

Fashion & Design, jewels in the crown of the “Made in Italy” label, are driving the economic recovery of our country

The boost to economic recovery comes from the Fashion & Design sector that has always a driver of the “Made in Italy” label, according to the ISTAT data processed by the Intesa Sanpaolo Directorate of studies and research.

MIP supports the entrepreneurial ideas of MBA students: the Wardroba example

The birth of Wardroba was closely linked to MIP Politecnico di Milano or, as its creators say, “it is a polytechnical story”. The founding partners are three engineers who met in Milan during their part time MBA course at MIP. And it was also at MIP that they first met the other three members of the team, the IT engineers who now work on the project with them.

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