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Italy is generating Big Data: but who’s collecting it?

Every action, every web search, every movement and every economic transaction we make leaves a trace.
Like modern-day explorers, we move around the world and – without realising – spread clues and signs of who we are, what we like and what we do not. And the level of accuracy is second to none. How much do we spend on sushi a week? How many steps have we done today? Do we prefer wool or cotton? We’ve visited Paris twice in a month – are we considering moving there?

ZZZleepandGo: the innovative start-up we’ve been waiting for

ZZZleepandGo is an innovative start-up launched in 2014 by Nicolas Montonati, Alberto Porzio and Matteo Anthony Destantini, on the basis of a simple business idea with seemingly limitless potential: to install bespoke areas in airports where people can rest, even just for a few hours.

One of those days that transform expectation into inspiration

“I have nothing but gratitude towards MIP staff for fostering a heartwarming and highly motivating kick-off, to all my classmates for making me part of this path we are following and building together, to the mystic and beautiful Milan for making me feel at home, and to those events that had lead me to know that I am in the right place, in the right moment.”

MBA Day: insights on the manufacturing (r)evolution

How is manufacturing changing? What is the 4th Industrial Revolution and what are the future challenges? These are the main topics that have been discussed at MIP during one of the latest MBA Days, the events organized by the MBA Recruitment Team and dedicated to the next generation of Growingleaders who want to visit the campus and live the experience of the business school.

Student entrepreneurship: economic and managerial expertise are a big plus

It is for this very reason that the AMIE – the Advanced Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – has been established. The AMIE is MIP’s Master’s course designed for all young people wishing to acquire the skills necessary to enable them to employ the proper attention and preparation to achieve their business goals.

MIP i-Flex among the six most innovative MBAs in the world

What shape does real wealth take in the world today?

It lies in being able to manage your own time and dovetail all of your work and personal commitments so that you can make the most of every second of the day.

Business Transformation through Radical Circles

How can one successfully transform a business? Let’s look at one of the most dramatic and successful business transformations in recent history: Microsoft’s creation of the Xbox in 2000. How is it possible that a giant like Microsoft, totally focused on software and with business clients and productivity applications its stronghold, decided to dive into a world of hardware, young consumers, and entertainment? How did it happen that Microsoft developed

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The Innovative Power of Criticism according to Roberto Verganti

In the great ocean of innovation out there, how do you establish the best course to follow? There are more and more creative ideas out there, which makes it difficult to set the most promising apart from those that could lead an organisation astray. Roberto Verganti, professor of Leadership and Innovation at Politecnico di Milano recommends, in his Article on the prestigious HBR, using a powerful decision-making tool: criticism.

How Mobile, Analytics and Internet of Things can improve your business: Interview with Rand Nezha, IBM

Interview with Mobile Strategy Consultant Rand Nezha. IBM Corporation is working with top universities around the world. In particular the IBM/MIP partnership is to build together new professional roles with strong competencies on data science and digital skills.

From Striving to Thriving: Five pillars of wisdom from an entrepreneur who’s been around the block

The entrepreneur is an artist, a madman: the chaotically, yet precise, mixture of vision, thought and action, an inevitable combination, he wouldn’t be able to do what he does without his emotionally practical folly.

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