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Survival Gifts – A new Era of Logistics!

In 2006, Supply chain analysts explored a new branch in the field of logistics which gave a glimpse of hope to mankind: Humanitarian logistics. The UNICEF is one of the leading international organisations which aims to provide humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and their mothers. The type of kit may vary depending on the type of emergency.

Interview with alumnus Nico Reuter: My MSCPM experience and how it helped me expand my own professional network

In this interview Nico Reuter, from Bavaria, Germany, shares with us his MSCPM experience and how this helped him expand his own professional network Why did you decide to pursue a master, and why did you choose MSCPM? After graduating, I had the choice between starting my professional career, or continue studying. Several reasons spoke for a master’s program. Just to name a few, better job opportunities, the great time of

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MIP i-Flex among the six most innovative MBAs in the world

What shape does real wealth take in the world today?

It lies in being able to manage your own time and dovetail all of your work and personal commitments so that you can make the most of every second of the day.

When Finance Hits Your Supply Chain

Negotiation is a process conducted on the sharp edge between cooperation and conflict, and you are well aware that your Director of Operations and your Director of Logistics negotiate a lot almost every day. If that were not the case, the role of Director of Supply Chain (SC) would never have been appointed in your organization.

The power of Supply Chain Finance: use your supply chain the smart way

In a globalising economy, supply chains are more complex and globalized than ever before. While the flow of goods are increasingly integrated and optimised, information and finance flows are often fragmented.