CMOs are now CEO material

It was back in 2012 that Harvard Business Review published an almost sacrilegious article under the title “Marketing is dead”.
The headline was a reaction to an adverse climate, both inside and outside companies.
From one side, consumers were beginning to become sceptical and selective when it came to corporate communications, condemning traditional advertising to death in the process.
From the other, CEOs were at their wits end with the demanding approach of CMOs, who were used to requesting economic resources without having to justify the investment or produce evidence of ROI.

Do you want to build a great team? Forget about “your” idea, it’s not yours anymore

Let me tell you, it is so damn hard to find a team that fits your vision and your project’s mission and that is as committed as you are. This was my biggest struggle when I was trying to found L-move, a startup now helping innovators to find the right team for their projects and giving people the chance to fully express their potential.

New job? How to build credibility when you’re short on experience

The greatest oxymoron of the modern world of work? Easy. “We’re looking for a young graduate with Master’s degree and experience”.
How can it be possible to hit both requirements? Anyone who has gone through a top-level, full-time educational programme is unlikely to have been able to build up a wealth of professional experience.
Yet at the same time, when you’re going for a new job, turning up with a meagre-looking CV heightens your risk of being cast aside and viewed as an under-prepared professional.
So how do you go about convincing a recruiter that you’re somebody to rely on despite your lack of experience?

An EMBA student’s impressions from the World Business Forum, Madrid

WOBI annually invite business leaders to join their World Business Forum in major cities around the world, where a careful selection of important speakers give their insights on a chosen yearly theme. As a participant on the International Flex EMBA course, which is delivered in partnership with WOBI, I was invited to join in and after some quick research, I decided on going to the Madrid event on 3-4 October.

Students on the first MIP iFlex head to Buenos Aires for educational visit

“Collaboration is the mantra of the i-Flex EMBA” might sound like a bit of an oxymoron.
The statement, by Valentina Nardozi – a key account coordinator at Philip Morris Italia and a student on the International Flex EMBA, MIP’s online international Executive MBA – certainly makes you think. How can it be possible for an 18-month training programme which uses hi-tech digital platforms to ensure everything can be accessed remotely to be considered a hub of collaboration?

I am Marco Locatelli, a student of Project Management at MIP Politecnico di Milano

It has been four months already since I started my internship in Dublin at Intesa Sanpaolo Life dac. as Project Manager and Organisational Development Assistant. Dynamism and creativity, as well as method and assertiveness, are some of the pillars of this role.
The Irish company is part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, which is Italy’s premier capitalisation banking group. Looking at the details of the business, it offers insurance-related investment products to Italian and international markets.

Why are outlets the luxury sector’s biggest ally

Forget the link between “outlet” and “downgrade”.
According to outlet colossus Value Retail, the large number of outlet villages offering high-end clothes and accessories at heavily discounted prices can become important allies for the luxury sector and do more than just supply the convenience factor.
By offering customers a unique and highly polished shopping experience. Take Value Retail outlet villages, for example – they all adhere to strict standards in terms of the aesthetics of the communal areas and the way each individual luxury store is set out.

International Week in Buenos Aires, a great experience to share

As scheduled, our second international week in Buenos Aires started on July 24th, but it actually started many months ago when all of us began to plan it, sharing flight information, accommodation details and proposals for city trips.

What Employers Want

While a famous movie was called “What women want”, I’m pretty sure that most of our students wonder “What Employers Want” instead. As the MBA jobs market is changing fast, it’s important for graduates to identify the skills that may turn their MBA in a golden ticket.
To shed light on the process, the Financial Times conducted an anonymous survey about the skills employers look for — or don’t — in MBA graduates.

My story in Europe

My story in Europe began with winning the “Invest Your Talent” scholarship, which allowed me to study the subject in which I have a strong interest – project management – at three leading European universities. One of the requirements of the scholarship was a mandatory internship in Italy after graduation and since I had a three-month summer vacation, I decided to use it to the maximum and complete the internship this year.