Happy Completely Fabricated Holiday Day!

I know, I know. We’re a bit early. But make sure you keep 4 August free.
What are we celebrating? What do you mean?! Since 1988, 4 August has been Mustard Day, a day of celebration dedicated to that classic condiment.
No, this isn’t a joke.
In the world of marketing, every day is the day!
In addition to US National Mustard Day on 4 August, there is also Sweetest Day on 20 October, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (yes, really) on 3 February and World Sleep Day on 16 March. And so on.

Brotherhood: Barcelona revealed the power of our network

Welcome back to the second appointment of our MBA journey! Discovering that other MBA candidates had a great interest in sharing impressions and feelings about their MIP experience with the #growingleader community, I’ve decided to write this article with Federica, who has kindly chosen to join us.

Italy is generating Big Data: but who’s collecting it?

Every action, every web search, every movement and every economic transaction we make leaves a trace.
Like modern-day explorers, we move around the world and – without realising – spread clues and signs of who we are, what we like and what we do not. And the level of accuracy is second to none. How much do we spend on sushi a week? How many steps have we done today? Do we prefer wool or cotton? We’ve visited Paris twice in a month – are we considering moving there?

Women in leadership: a matter of figures

In Italy, women are increasingly finding their own place in the job market. As the Sole 24 Ore reported, female employment reached 48.8% in June 2017, the highest figure since ISTAT started its recordings. Even so, according to the latest data published on the 30% Club Italian Chapter website, whose aim is to promote a greater participation of women in leadership, men still occupy the majority of the middle-top management positions.

Knowledge in Practice

Through an internship in the city of Edinburgh, as part of our master we had the opportunity to work in the Whisky industry, one of the most attractive markets in Scotland. We developed a ¨Sales and Marketing Strategy¨ for Jeffrey Street Whisky and Tobacco Company, identifying opportunities and ways to improve results for the organisation; in addition to this, a qualitative and quantitative analysis of internal and external factors in the whisky market had previously been undertaken, and the strategic corporate plan was revised.

A Glance over New Luxury Management

Are you ready to dive into the Luxury World? Go through “New Luxury Management. Creating and Managing Sustainable Value Across the Organization” to learn about the “new luxury” concept and to discover how a luxury company works. In three hundred pages, the editors Fabrizio Maria Pini and Emmanuelle Rigaud-Lacresse, International Master in Luxury Management Directors, will give you an overview of the luxury management.

Back to (business) school: The GEMOS experience

Benedetta, program coordinator of the GEMOS, brings us into the first week of the Master. She tells us about 19 professionals going back to school at MIP and experiencing enriching lessons and company visits.

Ready, Steady…PAINT!

September 22nd was a different day for sure. None of us really knew what to expect. While on the bus, we tried to imagine what was waiting for us in the very mysterious locality of Bruzzano. The typical 9 o’clock Milanese traffic jam gave us the time to make conjectures, and, maybe a little bashfully, to talk about ourselves, our plans and our first impressions of the city.

Venice: the city of mirrors, the city of mirages, at once solid and liquid, at once air and stone…

Venice is both a well-preserved monument and a living, breathing city, full of contemporary art, traditional crafts and high culture. Even though it was just for a day, I did get my first chance to visit this alluring city with my extremely diversified group of classmates.

How to start 2018? A Roman art and street-food weekend

Why not? If you are thinking about what to do and where to go right after the new year, Rome could be the answer. Apart from its historical and cultural heritage, the Eternal City can offer a lot, to suit everybody’s taste, starting from art and food.