Keep calm and enjoy the application process!

I thought my university and professional background was not consistent with an MBA with quite a technical and engineering approach, such as the one at MIP (or at least that’s what I believed at that time).

Digital marketing: what’s the true value of a like?

More and more companies are investing their media budgets in digital channels, recognising that these provide quality promotion opportunities and more accessible prices. Digital channels also represent a modular option which can be tailored to fit the needs of each brand and, most importantly, are capable of intercepting clients – or prospective clients – during their free time on the internet.

The luxury beauty of local traditions: The MIP’s Mark in Monte Carlo

7 teams selected within 75 groups, 7 luxury business projects identified as the most inspiring and pioneering ideas from the ones submitted by 33 Business Schools, 7 pitches presented in front of an International jury. This is the wonderful experience that we lived in the fanciest city of the world, Monte Carlo, which hosted the Grand Final of “The Mark Challenge 2017”.

Laboratory of creativity for marketing innovation

Students from the International Master in Multichannel Marketing Management had the chance to be part of the Innovation Design class held by Pr. Roberto Verganti. Professor Verganti, author, self-entrepreneur, is also a researcher in the Innovation field specialized in product innovation.

The MIP effect, according to International MBA alumnus Alberto Rinella

Being able to transform a negative event into an opportunity is one of the key managerial traits that all successful leaders must have embedded in their DNA. Failing that, they must show commitment and dedication to hone the skill over time. It’s something that Alberto Rinella, a former student on the MIP international MBA course in Milan, is well aware of.

Unconventional MBA Journey: From business to the glamour world

International MBA 31st edition alumnus Kiriti Rambhatla graduated in 2011 and now works as the Media Operations Lead at LinkedIn India, and is a successful model and actor for various big brands and telefilms in the Indian film and fashion industry.

Lessons Working in a Start Up: Part 2

At what point do you stop saying you work for a start up? Meaning you cannot be a start up forever, I mean all companies started up from somewhere. But in order to scale your start up must grow and after time it is no longer a start up and needs to start taking steps to grow, be acquired, or go public.

3 essential resilience strategies for modern-day leaders

Disappointment, loss of motivation, anxiety, depression and capitulation are some of the most common reactions in those who find themselves faced with a major fiasco: when one has invested everything in an idea or a growth plan, it is particularly difficult to admit defeat. True leaders, on the other hand, display an ability to pick themselves up after a fall and keep going, even stronger than before.

Interview with MBA alumnus Alessandro Alberici, now Amazon Pathways Operations Manager

After attending the EU Operations Pathways program presentation event organized by the Career Office of MIP, he went through the online selection and finally succeeded the on-campus 1-day panel interviews done by Amazon at MIP. After the graduation in summer 2016, Alessandro moved to France while joining Amazon as Pathways Operation Manager.

ZZZleepandGo: the innovative start-up we’ve been waiting for

ZZZleepandGo is an innovative start-up launched in 2014 by Nicolas Montonati, Alberto Porzio and Matteo Anthony Destantini, on the basis of a simple business idea with seemingly limitless potential: to install bespoke areas in airports where people can rest, even just for a few hours.