Taking charge of your online reputation

As employers increasingly seek information online, a professional online presence can help a job candidate stand above the crowd while digital missteps can add up to lost job opportunities.  Even before a job candidate sits down for an interview, a growing number of employers are doing their homework online, looking for information to either confirm someone has the qualifications – or lacks them – to do the job. Indeed, according

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Startups: the “lean” route to success!

Do you have a brilliant business idea? Are you thinking of launching your own startup? If so, then keep reading and enjoy the tips Antonio Ghezzi, Professor of Strategy & Startups, has shared with us! Startups and entrepreneurship are hot topics. Thus, when we heard of the latest article by Prof. Ghezzi – “Agile Business Model Innovation in Digital Entrepreneurship: Lean Startup Approaches” – we jumped at the opportunity to

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Sustainable packaging: how far have we come?

START WITH PACKAGING   The many stumbling blocks on the road to sustainable packaging Sustainability and success increasingly go hand in hand for brands in today’s market. This is underlined by businesses in the field: in recent years, green approaches have helped numerous companies to relaunch successfully in their own fields or explore new ones. However, while taking an eco-friendly approach may have seemed ground-breaking and original some time ago, due

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Behind the scenes of a Presidential Campaign

From the MBA to the presidential campaign. Our Alumnus Jehudi Castro Sierra, Vice-Minister of Digital Economy in Colombia, shares his experience as Chief Technology Officer during Colombian elections. You are a consultant and an entrepreneur but during the Colombian presidential campaign, you played a different role. Can you share this experience with us? My background is as a software developer and I have been leading software development teams in large companies like

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Experiencing FIRE: the new manager and their international employees

Laura Resegotti is a young, hard-working Product Manager at FIRE S.p.A., Messina. She graduated with a Master’s degree in international business from London South Bank University and started her journey with FIRE S.p.A. in 2016. Here is a brief rundown of my interview with her. Laura started working for Fire S.p.A. in March 2016, initially supporting a Product Manager who would soon be going on maternity leave. Like most new

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Trust is essential in online shopping: the challenge for brands is to build it up

In 2017, the global ​e-commerce market​ was worth more than $2 trillion. It is a record-breaking figure but more surprises are in store, with an increase of 100% expected by 2021. So should we consider the performances in the world of online shopping a success story? Not exactly: fewer than 4% of desktop users landing on an e-commerce website decide to make a purchase, so it is plain to see

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L’avventura – My MIP Choice

Life often brings unexpected journeys that change our perspectives and motivations. I never imagined living in Italy and stepping inside the Roman Colosseum that seemed so remote in my high school history textbook and Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” film; or tasting a salty pistachio gelato for the first time, while watching the Vesuvius volcano in the distance from the waterfront in Naples. Italy is a feast for the senses, that captivated

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Empowering the circular economy

“The circular economy imperative” was the focal point of the recent video forum on the MIP platform. The video forum, as part of the curricula, is organised for each International Flex EMBA course and is linked to Yammer, allowing students to post their comments on the topic and share new documents to support their arguments. The topic of circular economy was chosen by Professor Andrea Sianesi, Dean and President of the Board of MIP, during the Supply Chain Management course.

Voice technology: the voice of the future

Part friend, part virtual butler – we just can’t do without our voice-technology assistants. They’re in our smartphones, in our homes, in our cars. They’re activated by simply hearing our voices, and – over time – they get to know us. They become familiarised with our vocal timbre, learn to understand our tastes and grow alongside us with every passing day. They guide us, assist us and liberate us. Because

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Move over IQ – it’s all about EQ now…

Would you be surprised to learn that people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time? This fact certainly flies in the face of traditional thinking.
What is it that makes the difference? Emotional intelligence, that’s what – a critical, if rather intangible factor which exists in each of us to a greater or lesser extent. And there’s the rub; we are not all blessed with innate EQ. However, thankfully, it can be learned.