How can you describe Milan? In a word: opportunity!

Fondazione Fiera has interviewed 450 people who live in, work in or have visited Milan, asking them to describe it in just one word. The result in a video!

“When you discover new things every minute and your mind is absorbing so many experiences, it feels like time expands.”

Samantha Cristoforetti

Open your mind to thinking differently …with Steve!

The theme of this year’s Milan World Business Forum was “Provocateurs: Open your mind to thinking differently”. As a current student of the MBA Holly Lorna Sloan not only attended the event, but played assistant to Steve Wozniak (Apple co-Founder)! Read more!

Arnaud Pétein – International MBA Class of 2011

Arnaud Pétein has been part of International MBA Class of 2011. We asked him about the experience at MIP, his career development and…find out more here!

5 Tips for Applying to Business School

Applying to business school can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you get started…

Why do an International MBA?

Why should you chose to do an MBA, and how to find the best course for you? Gaelle Gouraige explains her choice and the value of an international environment

Why I chose an MBA, and why I chose MIP?

An MBA can be a gateway to a new career? That’s what Gaelle thought about her experience at MIP. Read more here and join #growingleader conversation!

How to write a perfect CV without “horrors”

Errors, time gaps and the use of vague or banal language are always just around the corner when preparing your CV. How can you avoid them? Find out more in this post