The Italian Immersion – MBA Kickoff days at MIP

How to describe the first impact with an International MBA? Here’s Gaelle Gouraige experience, from International MBA Class of 2011.

Business school isn’t for the faint hearted, but…

Mother Nature and my class were not friends. I don’t know if the staff knew this when they planned our outdoor activity, but it’s true. Volcanoes, unseasonably cold weather…

5 excellent reasons for attending an MBA in Italy in 2015

Thinking about an MBA experience in Italy? Milan could be a wise choice. Why? Read here 5 reasons beside the high quality of MIP courses

Palazzo Reale in Milan hosts Vincent Van Gogh

A selection of the most famous Van Gogh artworks are exposed at Royal Palace of Milan, until 1st May of 2015. Check the news for info and pricing

“It always seems impossible
until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela

MIP Ambassador for Ecuador, Alejandro Iniguez Torres

My choice I have chosen MIP because it is one of the most prestigious business schools in Italy and Europe. I also appreciate that it is located in Milan, a city where culture and business merge perfectly. When I was looking for my future business school I took into consideration some criteria such as future placement opportunities, networking, partnership with companies and quality of the programs, as well as accreditations

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MIP Ambassador for Argentina, Carla Buda

My choice MIP is the Business School of one of the most prestigious Universities in Europe. It was a match made in heaven for me. MIP also offers a great diverse pool of students that allows to share experiences with people from all over the word. This was one of my priorities when I was looking for the right University to do my MBA. Main takeaways from the Master Get

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MIP Ambassador for Nigeria, Oluwasanmi Faturoti

My choice I have chosen MIP as it is the business school of a technical university historically focused on technological, organizational and managerial innovation as well as on the analytical approach to problem solving. I had the chance to gain experience in international markets through a hands-on learning method with activities in collaboration with structured companies such as ENI and Italcementi, as well as with the world of start-ups. Main takeaways from the MBA

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MIP Ambassador for USA, Jeremy Schick

My choice To create an experience abroad for my wife and kids, as well as expand my business background as an entrepreneur. I had previously lived in Italy, learned Italian, and fell in love with the language, food and culture. I wanted my family to experience the same. Main takeaways from the MBA A cultural experience. Deeper understanding in areas of business that I had been previously exposed to, yet

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