MIP Ambassador for USA, Robert Napoli

Why did I choose MIP? I chose to attend MIP because I wanted to study in a city rich with culture, business, networking, and opportunity. All which can be found in Milan! About 2 years ago I started thinking about how I could continue to grow in my career and better align myself with the ever changing global market. I am passionate about Building a Brand, Digital Strategy, and Communication and wanted to incorporate all these elements in a Master’s program which I found in the IM4 Master’s at MIP.

MIP Ambassador for Chile, Orlando Cartoni

My choice I chose MIP for its model based on a strong hands-on approach and the several opportunities you have to closely work with different international companies during the program. I also considered the fact that MIP places a lot of importance on the improvement of your soft skills and of your ability to leverage on a scientific approach to problem solving. All this, coupled with the chance to live in a challenging

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MIP Ambassador for Taiwan, Kuang Chih Shao

My choice I have chosen MIP MBA for the following 3 reasons: The country: excellent luxury and design industry in Italy. The city: the capital of fashion. The university and school: Politecnico is top in engineering, architecture and design. Main takeaways from the MBA How Italian people do excellent design and luxury business. I would have never know how Italian can do it until I lived in Milano. Very nice

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MIP Ambassador for Italy, Fabio Nani

My choice I have chosen MIP because I trust the preparation offered by Politecnico di Milano, as I had the chance to have some of its faculty members as professors during my BSc & MSc. I am still convinced that content is the main deliverable in any job and that is why I decided to focus on MIP. Main takeaways from the MBA Business is an ecosystem with its equilibrium,

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MIP Ambassador for Sweden, Tim Mann

My choice After a few years abroad I felt the interest to work in a diverse and dynamic environment. I understood the essentiality of internationalization and a global mind-set to be competitive in today’s business world. The International Master in Industrial Management (IMIM) was, therefore, a perfect fit for my need. It complemented my mechanical engineering background with business skills and boosted my experience thanks to the opportunity to live

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