MIP Ambassador for Ghana, Patrick Owusu

I decided to enroll with MIP after a careful consideration of the Faculty, the program structure, the cultural and commercial city of Milan, most importantly the accreditation and industrial acceptance of the program.

MIP Ambassador for Egypt, Serageldin Soliman

It is hard to argue the way MIP has cemented its position among the elite when it comes to Supply Chain Management academia. The MSCPM program provided by MIP has completely resonated with my previous experience and future the goals I had set for myself and is the spark I need to get ignite my potential.

MIP Ambassador for Peru, Javier Macedo

My choice I decided to choose the i-Flex at MIP Graduate School of Business firstly because of the prestige of the Politecnico di Milano, secondly because I liked the innovative approach of the program’s distance- learning method and the overall entrepreneurial spirit of the course and finally, because of the multicultural nature of both the class and faculty. I believe this program will improve the way I find solutions in

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MIP Ambassador for Italy, Giovanni Collot

I decided to come to MIP because it not only is one of the most important Business Schools in Europe, it also has a very interesting international outlook and global reach. Furthermore, thanks to my studies I was able to live for a while in Milan, one of the most vibrant and culturally active cities in Italy.

MIP Ambassador for Italy, William Funck

My choice was driven by the perfect combination of quantitative and qualitative approach to marketing that the master offers, together with the continual exposure to real business cases. And, of course, not forgetting the business school’s strong networking with global customer-centric companies.

MIP Ambassador for USA, Robert Napoli

Why did I choose MIP? I chose to attend MIP because I wanted to study in a city rich with culture, business, networking, and opportunity. All which can be found in Milan! About 2 years ago I started thinking about how I could continue to grow in my career and better align myself with the ever changing global market. I am passionate about Building a Brand, Digital Strategy, and Communication and wanted to incorporate all these elements in a Master’s program which I found in the IM4 Master’s at MIP.

MIP Ambassador for Chile, Orlando Cartoni

My choice I chose MIP for its model based on a strong hands-on approach and the several opportunities you have to closely work with different international companies during the program. I also considered the fact that MIP places a lot of importance on the improvement of your soft skills and of your ability to leverage on a scientific approach to problem solving. All this, coupled with the chance to live in a challenging

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MIP Ambassador for Taiwan, Kuang Chih Shao

My choice I have chosen MIP MBA for the following 3 reasons: The country: excellent luxury and design industry in Italy. The city: the capital of fashion. The university and school: Politecnico is top in engineering, architecture and design. Main takeaways from the MBA How Italian people do excellent design and luxury business. I would have never know how Italian can do it until I lived in Milano. Very nice

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MIP Ambassador for Italy, Fabio Nani

My choice I have chosen MIP because I trust the preparation offered by Politecnico di Milano, as I had the chance to have some of its faculty members as professors during my BSc & MSc. I am still convinced that content is the main deliverable in any job and that is why I decided to focus on MIP. Main takeaways from the MBA Business is an ecosystem with its equilibrium,

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MIP Ambassador for Sweden, Tim Mann

My choice After a few years abroad I felt the interest to work in a diverse and dynamic environment. I understood the essentiality of internationalization and a global mind-set to be competitive in today’s business world. The International Master in Industrial Management (IMIM) was, therefore, a perfect fit for my need. It complemented my mechanical engineering background with business skills and boosted my experience thanks to the opportunity to live

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