10 Lifehacks for Saving Money While Studying Abroad

  The euphoria of going to study abroad is something everyone should experience. However, it may also be one of the most financially stressful times of your life. I am sure you will want to see/do/try everything, but it will be so hard to budget when you are counting in a different currency and everything around you is so attractive and new. Thus, take a quick peek at the list

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Watch out! Common social media slip-ups

Social media might be fertile ground for marketing, but it can also be a space packed with potential pitfalls. Opening an account and starting to post on social media is so easy a child could do it – all you have to do is sign up, and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest become great soapboxes for companies. With some investment, however small, posts can acquire greater visibility

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Chatbot: the new marketing “ambassadors”

Companies are opening their arms to the world of artificial intelligence and letting chatbots do the talking. These programmes engage in dialogue with us on websites, social networks and apps, taking the place – at least in part – of human beings. We’ve all dealt with them, and sometimes we come to think of them like proper people. Companies have even started giving them names: Siri is the virtual butler

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How blockchain can help the environment

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, nodes, ledgers, transactions and blocks are just a few of the hottest terms in the field of innovative tech right now. Yet often the meaning of these terms can be unclear. Let’s try and make some sense of them by answering some of the most common questions in this area. What’s blockchain? How does it work? What are the main benefits? And how many sectors can it be

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Back to school – My MBA kick-off at MIP

After three years far away from school desks, I felt the need to go back, eager to learn the business side of my day-to-day job. So a few months ago, I decided to invest in an international MBA and, therefore, to start a new adventure as a part-time student at MIP Business School. My name is Andrea De Donatis, I graduated three years ago in Energy Engineering at the Politecnico

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Artificial Influencers attract widespread interest from the most trend-conscious brands

Miquela Sousa – or Lil Miquela to her friends – is a beautiful American model with Spanish and Brazilian features. Aged around 20, she loves fashion and rap music. She also likes playing sports and spending her free time with her numerous friends. She can often be found taking a dip in the pool, enjoying the pleasures of the palate – including junk food at times – and making appearances

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Rebel talent helps careers

“I rebel, therefore I exist,” said Albert Camus. Questioning the rules and refusing to accept clichés allows people to leave behind the grey area of passive resignation and the swamp of mediocrity, asserting their individuality. It is a positive and profitable attitude that can stimulate intelligence and lead to professional success, helping people to stand out from the crowd and spurring them on to give their utmost at all times,

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How digital learning can help you to study, work and make friends!

A charismatic Polish woman, living in the lovely city of Verona, working for an American company with international experience behind her and now halfway through her studies on the International Flex Executive MBA program at MIP Politecnico di Milano – let me introduce you to Manuela Andrzejewska, one of my international classmates and by now a good friend, thanks to the opportunities offered by the digital era. Manuela started working

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Sustainability: the right choice for 55% of consumers and a huge opportunity for companies

Sustainability: everybody talks about it, but few actually practise what they preach. It’s a massive challenge for every company on the planet. Brands are having to revolutionise their products and processes in order to reduce the environmental and social impact of their businesses, but it’s not always easy for mere consumers to get involved. Currently, customers – stakeholders in and citizens of a world that is becoming increasingly polluted as

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The 4th Industrial Revolution is here

End-to-end digitalization, cutting-edge technology, interconnectivity and the growing role of customers in shaping products and services are revolutionizing the way manufacturers operate.

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