In a recent entry in this blog, we talked about emotional intelligence. It is necessary to work on your interpersonal skills if you want to become an empathic, positive and charismatic leader who is capable of filling the whole team with energy and enthusiasm.

We also presented the first five essential qualities of charismatic leaders. Here are the other five:


6. Honesty

Real leaders must be able to assess the results achieved by their team clearly and objectively, whether they succeed or fail. Charismatic leaders go a step further by analysing their own results in the same way, in a process that is always honest and transparent.

7. Humility

Ultra-likeable charismatic leaders never put themselves on a pedestal or look down on others. It is important to note that this is not just a question of appearances: genuine leaders firmly believe that all of the members of their teams are equal and they never belittle them or make them feel less important than other people, even themselves.

8. Breaking down barriers

Have you ever had a boss who prevented staff from accessing resources and information? People like that tend to be afraid of losing their importance and status. Real leaders, on the other hand, will be generous and provide staff with all of the resources at their disposal because they are not scared of having a successful team.

9. Reading between the lines

Real leaders are capable of interpreting the unspoken messages sent out by their team. You should learn to read facial expressions, body language and gestures so that you can pick up on a situation instantly and be ready to react.

10. Setting a good example

Practise what you preach. Teams appreciate and follow leaders who give tangible demonstrations of their own moral integrity and virtues with their actions on a daily basis.


As a growing leader, what do you think are the indispensable traits in cutting-edge, ultra-likeable leaders?