Kick-off day is approaching! In less than one month, we will be glad to open the doors of our school to the first cohort of the international version of our FLEX EMBA! A project in which our school has believed from its inception and that is integral to 2 core goals of our mission, which go hand in hand: digitalization and internationalization.

Are you ready to be its ambassadors?
We are looking forward to welcoming you on the 24th of October for your first face-to-face week in the city of Milan, an emblem of the drive for innovation.

We encourage you to make the most out of this time together and engage as much as you can in building the spirit of the class that will accompany you throughout the entire journey, even when connecting from far way from one another: from Peru to China, from the US to Ukraine, from Lebanon to the UK.

The outdoor experience serves in particular the purpose: you will be involved in team building activities surrounded by a reinvigorating landscape (shhh, the place is still a secret!). Play your role and… have fun!
As now we are used to, we would like to suggest a few tips to get yourself ready for the intense yet rewarding experience lying ahead of you:

  1. Involve your family and friends from the start! They will be inevitably in this journey with you and they will be your strongest supporters. They will understand when you need time to connect to the live session for the Supply Chain class, or speak to your classmates in South America to prepare your presentation for the Marketing exam. Don’t forget they will be 100% part of your results!
  2. Make sure you have some energy reserves! Skype calls during your lunch breaks at work, or while drinking your coffee at the airport lounge ready to set off for your next flight will become your routine. But never give up! As we have been always saying, take this challenge as if your i-Flex were like a gym: train your skills as much as you can, get to know your strengths and limits, make questions and do not be afraid of making mistakes. The more demanding and intense the experience, the more rewarding and fulfilling its outcomes.
  3. Never forget you are a class: live up to its spirit! You will become a part of the first cohort of our International Flex EMBA. Be proud to be the first Ambassadors of this program! Do not miss the chance to build strong connections with your classmates from the very beginning, and to broaden your network even further with the rest of the whole Alumni community: events and parties will be organized for you, be an active member of the school!

Your class can further prove that time and space can be overcome. As a school, we aim at nurturing global managers and leaders, who are, in the end, global citizens striving for a world that is more free and equal.