An MBA in Italy at the MIP is a tangible and strategic choice, during any year. It is a Business School of excellence, it has solid partnerships with other leading European and international B-schools, it offers a top level professional network and always has a strong focus on strategic managerial aspects.
This said, choosing one in 2015 offers at least five advantages not to be overlooked. We have listed ours in this gallery. What would you add?

For the EXPO

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In 2015 the world will be visiting Milan. This is a unique opportunity not only to experience the atmosphere of the EXPO from the inside, but also to become a leading player. 147 participating nations, equating to 94% of the global population, three international organisations and 13 civil society organisations with three pavilions dedicated to businesses. The first universal exhibition based on a participative and inclusive decisional process. Do we have to add anything to make you understand the importance of this opportunity?