Back in the business world of the 1980s, all you needed was a smart head on your shoulders and a degree under you belt to step away from the masses and blaze your own trail towards the big time.

Now, however, competition is much fiercer: everyone has a degree and many also a Master’s, there are fewer jobs and the skills that once made you stand out from the crowd – such as speaking one or more foreign languages – have become the norm.

So how do you get yourself noticed?

For anyone wishing to inject some impetus into their career, increase their knowledge or find a more prestigious job, an MBA is the springboard to success. Indeed, choosing to attend a business school is often an inspired decision.
There are dozens of good reasons to do an MBA, but we’ve selected our top five.
Check them out!


1.         Change sector or area of work

Always worked on the commercial side of the telecommunications area? Want to get into FMCG marketing? Forget it! Some sectors really don’t have the best reputation when it comes to flexibility, preferring to accept applications from professionals whose skillset is already perfectly honed. But with an MBA it’s a whole other story! A Master’s in Business Administration is a great thing to have on your CV and, from a company perspective, it shows that you’re a candidate with sky-high potential – someone who’s going to bring added value to their organisation.

2.         Get familiarised with international business dynamics

If you’re getting bored with your home country, consider enrolling on an MBA abroad and/or choosing a business school with quality international exchange programmes. A study experience abroad is always a good card to have up your sleeve in the interview room.

3.         Build up a great network of contacts

One of the key benefits of attending an MBA is being able to study elbow to elbow with the best talents in the world. Being able to forge friendships and relationships of mutual support in the lecture halls of a leading business school guarantees you a network of useful contacts for the future.

4.         Give your bank account a boost

The link between having an MBA on your CV and the number of zeros on your payslip is indirect, but beyond question: a Master’s in Business Administration makes it easier to move up the career ladder and helps you reach leadership roles quicker!

5.         Work for yourself

Tired of being mere employees? Thanks to an MBA, you’ll be able to get a deeper understanding of the secrets of business, perfecting your knowledge across all areas of business administration. This will allow you to take ownership of every area of a business, from accounts to logistics via communications. Moreover, an MBA also enables you to come into contact with students from all over the world: the perfect stimulus for you to successfully move into the innovative, global world of start-ups!