Just graduated? Thinking about the job of your dreams? Ah yes, the job of your dreams: an expression that in itself, is a great contradiction.

Thinking about an ideal job as nothing more than a dream, is the first obstacle between the candidate and that much longed-for chair.
If you scroll through the job posts, you may not always feel like you meet the requirements of the potential candidate’s profile, and you may decide to renounce the challenge before even starting.

You couldn’t be more wrong: in the world of employment, often, where there’s a will there’s a way. You simply need to better organise your skills, both your professional and personal ones.

Here’s a few tricks to be successful in obtaining your ideal job.

1. Be prepared and always up-to-date

The number one rule when you’re looking for a new job, is to make sure your level of preparation is up to step with the times. In the job market of the new millennium, candidates need to be flexible and curious, because continuous learning has never been more important: a specialisation course on new technologies, a language certificate or prestigious master such as an international MBA, could just be your key to success to quickly skip ahead in the line-up of candidates.

2. Focus on your objective

Before throwing yourself into the search for a new job, define the companies or sectors you’re interested in. A focused study will help you avoid wasting your energy, focusing on ambitions in line with your skills, concentrating on a limited number of companies about which you’d like to learn more. The aim of this detailed analysis? To skip HR as much as possible. Identify the manager of reference and send them your application directly, this will allow you to present your CV to the person who’s actually in charge of making the decision.

3. Bring new ideas

Spending too much time closed up in the same business can make your ideas a little dusty. This is why a new resource within a team can bring a wave of fresh ideas, approaching the market courageously and proactively. The best way to demonstrate your ability to see the business from another perspective, is to attach – along with your resume – an analysis of the company’s current situation, highlighting various issues and proposing new solutions.

4. Learn how to best exploit every experience

The list of required skills is too long? Don’t be disheartened! It’s highly likely that by utilising and best presenting your own experiences, you’ll be the perfect candidate. Your cinema blog may just be a valid test bench to assess whether or not you’re an expert in communication; to demonstrate your skills in dealing with clients, an experience such as waiting on tables for a large restaurant chain might well be appreciated. Forget about job titles: companies are looking for solid skills.

5. Demonstrate your energy

Passion and enthusiasm for a new job are typical characteristics of a new employee. Every company knows that a new resource will demonstrate high productivity and determination, at least in the beginning. What’s more, the energy of new employees is not only limited to the person, but may even positively influence colleagues, acting as a true infusion of collective enthusiasm. How to transmit your determination during the selection? Prepare an enthusiastic letter of introduction, focusing on the reasons driving you to apply for the position: the company will thank you!

What is the job of your dreams, by the way?