Applying to business school can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Get Organised

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Before you start thinking about where you want to go, you have to begin the process of rearranging your schedule. Typically, most business school applicants are in full time positions. Having to juggle work and applications is a daunting task, so planning out a schedule for yourself is highly important. You need to budget in time to research the right programme, practising and taking the necessary exams, completing your application and of course the interviews. My schedule looked a bit like this: After work I would spend time looking at different MBA programmes and sorting out what it was that I wanted. When it came to the GMAT, a weak point for me, I worked hard to get my scores up which meant getting up early for practice problems and doing sample tests in the evening. My applications were written at night and on the weekends. I'll admit I went a bit over the top. Once I started getting strange looks from the people at Starbucks and they knew my order by heart, it was time to switch locales.