Choosing to enroll in an MBA course can be the key to ramping up your career prospects and laying the foundations for a stellar future.

It’s an important decision to get a fully rounded education: the organisational structure of an MBA, a programme packed with challenges, plus the contamination of different cultures, help to engender a radical transformation of the individual and his/her set of competence assets.

It’s also worth devoting due consideration to the city in which to pursue your MBA, both in order to experience a new environment and to receive new stimuli to promote your personal and professional growth.

Milan is a strong contender among the most comprehensive cities in terms of artistic, professional, economic and lifestyle profiles: capital of the fashion industry and nerve centre of the Italian economy, a concentration of glamour, leisure, art and the avant garde.

Let’s take a look at the 9 top reasons for choosing to pursue your MBA in Milan.


1. It’s the home of the business world

If you’ve decided to go for an MBA you’ll probably have a pretty clear view of leadership, management and entrepreneurship goals. What better city to absorb the climate of business culture 24/7? Milan is considered to be among the world’s most important financial hubs and it’s home to several market leader companies: a fertile web of opportunities in all business sectors and the ideal location to consolidate your experiential resources.

2. At the centre of Europe

Milan is the perfect strategic crossroads for easy travel to other parts of Italy and throughout Europe. Thanks to its three international airports – Linate, Malpensa and Orio al Serio – and two rail stations, Milan is the ‘smart mobility’ city.

 3. Art, culture, design, music: what else?

Living in Milan means living inside a constant stream of artistic and cultural stimuli. If you’re passionate about art, design, innovation and music you’ll be spoiled for choice in Milan, where you can fill your diary with countless once-in-a-lifetime events. Teatro alla Scala, Palazzo Reale, the national museum of the Italian Risorgimento or La Triennale di Milano, the Mecca of design and architecture in Italy, are just some of the cultural centres offering a series of unmissable exhibitions all year round.

4. Do you speak Italian?

Directly evolved from Latin, Italian is one of the world’s most lyrical, romantic and ancient languages. Including a knowledge of Italian in your curriculum is not merely a synonym of smartness and enterprise, it’s a great way to stand out in industrial sectors intimately linked with Italy, including art, fashion, interior décor, design, cuisine, etc.

5. Night-life: getting out and about in Milan

The years roll by, but Milan retains its reputation as the city that never sleeps. The city offers a host of fashionable clubs, bars and venues that attract thousands of fun-loving people night after night. The city caters for all preferences: from the high-class bars in the Brera district artists’ quarter, to the vibrant Navigli area or the sophisticated locales on Corso Como in the heart of the city: having fun is part of the Milan’s unique DNA.

6. Great food

Italy, of course, is the internationally recognised home of excellent cuisine, and Milan lives up to expectations. Risotto alla Milanese with saffron, ossobuco, cotoletta and cassoeula are just some of the classic dishes of the Lombardy capital. And be sure not to leave without taking a food and wine trip through the Bel Paese: setting out to discover the hidden treasures of Italy, you’ll find there are literally no limits to the experience of fine dining!

7. A touch of glamour

Milan is Europe’s fashion capital par excellence. Here, fashion is a veritable institution that extends from the catwalks directly to the street. Fashion is the byword: luxury, style and the very latest trends are key aspects of Milan’s unique culture. It’s the perfect opportunity to max out on elegance and perhaps indulge in some quality shopping.

8. The best of sport

If fashion exerts the greatest allure for female visitors to the city, Milan’s offers plenty of more male-oriented pursuits with its rich legacy of sporting excellence. The San Siro stadium, the high temple of Italian soccer, is the showcase where spectators can get a first hand view of the legendary skills of the city’s two historic teams: Internazionale Milano and A.C. Milan, while the Forum di Assago indoor sports arena is the home of Olimpia Milano, the professional basketball team that has secured a remarkable 26 Italian league championships.

9. Temperate climate

Italy is known for its sunshine thanks to its mild and pleasant climate all year round. The same is true of Milan, which, despite its northern geographical location, experiences milder winters than other major European capitals, with guaranteed long periods of beautiful weather in spring, summer and autumn.


#growingleader what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags and head for the sunshine in Milan!