“College” is an exhilarating word for most of us but also quite terrifying at times for some. After months of endless applications, emotional acceptances and rejections, hard decisions and the never-ending DOV and Visa process, I am now ready to pack my bags and leave for my one-year Full Time International MBA program at MIP Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

In most cases, as the departure date draws closer, the students generally suffer from some serious pre-college anxiety about making new friends, learning to live away from home, keeping up with high academic expectations, etc., but all thanks to MIP’s magnificently laid-out course design, the ice was broken well in advance for me and my classmates.

Along with my 62 classmates, I started my MBA course on 4th September with two months of MBA basics through some very interactive digital classes, which provided us with a splendid time to interact and socialize with each other through the digital platform. The ability to access the digital courses at times convenient to us in the comfort of our own homes or without having to compromise with our professional work, made the structure even more flexible for us. This really helped the international students like me, who had to manage to find time for the exhausting DOV and Visa process. During these two months, we also came across and interacted with some of the amazing professors who were to be our guides; they provided us with insights and cleared any doubts we had about the subjects.

MIP offers an ideal multicultural environment for facilitating students from different countries with different work experience, aspirations, approaches and preferences to make the classroom a more exciting and fun place to be. I am really looking forward to meeting my fellow classmates in person and being a part of the memorable transformation that we all are going to start from next month.

Like most of us, I am very excited about the face-to-face classes and exposing myself to new tasks and challenges. After all, we are here to learn how to achieve  ̶  and that’s the sort of enthusiasm we have developed in ourselves ever since we started our journey at MIP.

We have so many awesome things to look forward to. Have you ever heard that your college days are the best days of your life? THIS IS THE CHANCE TO MAKE IT TRUE AGAIN !!