Fortune favours the brave. But success always rewards the best.

These two sentences go a long way to summing up the experience of Abhilash Rao Nagoji, the young Indian professional who came to MIP in Milan to study on a full-time MBA course.

It was the chance of a lifetime for Abhilash, made possible after he received a prestigious scholarship.

This opportunity – which Abhilash richly deserved on the basis of his CV – was offered up to the world by the colossus IBM. All that applicants had to do was write a brief essay on the impact of Big Data on the current panorama.

It was a stimulating, inspiring topic for Abhilash, who was already working as a software engineer for Accenture.

A few weeks passed before the news arrived: Abhilash was one of the two finalists in the running for the scholarship. Eventually, in 2016, Abhilash was crowned the winner.

MIP was the perfect destination for Abhilash, giving him access to proper training in the field of emerging technology and enabling him to hone his leadership skills in the process. MIP has a targeted approach that focuses heavily on IT, a sector with huge potential for the future.

The full-time MBA programme at MBA soon proved to be a constructive experience for Abhilash, giving him the opportunity to complete his managerial skillset in a stimulating international environment – with students hailing from over 25 different countries – and through a formula that took the least time possible. For Abhilash, who was already at some stage in his career, “the focus was to choose an MBA which would provide me a quick transition into the business domain without forcing me to be out of my job for too long. MIP’s one-year MBA was a perfect option.”

While Abhilash was keen to protect his existing career, he was also determined to look to future development.

Thanks to the thriving network of company partnerships enjoyed by MIP, Abhilash benefitted from a fast track towards his professional goals.

On account of his achievements and the talent he showed during the course, he secured an internship at IBM, where he was able to delve deeper into the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, helping to develop a winning business strategy for the next-gen cognitive system that is the Watson supercomputer.

And now?

Having left his career as an IT engineer behind, Abhilash is looking to secure a leadership position and conquer the European market.

I want to work in a leadership role within a company in Europe that will give me ample opportunity to learn and utilise my MBA knowledge and skills,” he explains, revealing his dream of a future as a visionary, revolutionary leader.

According to Abhilash, this mission is attainable if he capitalises on the advantages of his experiences at MIP, in particular his “various interactions with people from different backgrounds”, and makes use of his improved managerial and decision-making skills which he perfected “working with senior executives and thought leaders” at IBM.

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