Before starting i-Flex, I knew I would have to find a dedicated time in my busy working life for all my new academic responsibilities, but I was not so sure how I would have made it.

Today, after almost 5 months in the program, I must confess that it is quite challenging, but all the new concepts, all the experiences shared with my classmates and all the knowledge that I get every day (from the lessons, professors, classmates, speakers, etc.) are a proof that I have made the best choice when I decided to enroll in the master.

To give you an idea of my life now, here’s the agenda of one of my “typical i-Flex days”:

– 4:45 a.m.: I wake up to exercise. Yes, I know it is quite early for many, but I love running and doing exercises, and early in the morning is the best time to do it.  This is a perfect space just for me, to recharge energies and distract my mind.

– 6:45 a.m.: it is the time to watch some i-Flex video clips, read some of the academic material and give my contribution in the social forum, as well as check my MIP email account to see if there are any updates by the Program Office.

– 8:00 a.m.: I start my working activities: meetings, clients’ appointments, e-mails, etc. From time to time, however, I check the group that our class has created on WhatsApp: it is a perfect way to share comments about assignments and academic issues, as well as to know each other better, by sharing pics from our family or from our travels, and even special cultural dishes recipes or celebrations from each country we are from… or just some jokes to have fun!

– 1:00 p.m.: Time to connect to the i-Flex Live Session together with all my classmates! In my case, I try to connect to the online session from home, as in this way I can fully focus on the lesson. The Live, Guest Speaker and Q&A Sessions are very helpful and important as they lead to a better understanding of the topics being dealt with. What is also of special value for me are the questions and comments from my colleagues, as they are related with their own professional experiences and I can learn a lot from them.

– 3:00 p.m.: I rapidly switch to my work activities, trying to catch up and follow my agenda.

– 6:00 p.m.: Time to stop working! Even if sometimes I feel I let some job pending’s, with my i-Flex, I am learning a lot on time management and now I am more organized in finishing my daily activities on the time assigned.

– 7:00 p.m.: I go home, have dinner and then I focus again on my master’s studies. Very often, I dedicate this time at night to watch the WOBI clips, as from these speakers I get different opinions and perspectives from several industries, managerial positions and countries.

– 11:00 p.m.: I go to sleep around this time… Finally, I deserve to rest!

As said, this is a typical “i-Flex day”, when we have the live session scheduled. On the remaining days, I try to slow down a bit to recharge my batteries: having a romantic dinner with my boyfriend or going out for a Sangria with my friends are some of the best ways!