During the Christmas party organised by MIP for the MBA students, some of the students were asked to describe their study experience in just one word.

The seven international students chose the following words: Invigorating, Inspiration, Immersive, Growth, Refining, Diversity and Readiness.  Their motivations shared the contagious positive energy of enterprising young people, who are aware they made the right choice to grow in various aspects of their education, and not only in the purely academic one.

In fact, much reference was made to the international character of the course which allows people from different backgrounds and academic training to mix, all leading to both a professional and personal wealth that will aid in launching onto an increasingly global job market, one that is increasingly attentive in evaluating relational skills.

Alessandro’s message was particularly positive. He considers his MBA to be the tool by which to be ready: ready for new adventures and for all the challenges that he will face.

The message ends with a question that we want to ask you in turn: “Are you ready?”

Watch the video for inspiration!