Born in India, Cyril Simon holds a degree in engineering and now works in the finance sector of one of Italy’s leading cosmetics companies, Intercos.

Simon is a brilliant young mind with a striking entrepreneurial spirit and a dream he wants to see come true: to work in the world of economics and perfect his skills to become a true leader.

Simon has also obtained an MBA specializing in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at MIP in Milan. In fact in order to pursue his ambitions to broaden his skills set with a view to going into business on his own one day, Cyril decided to move to Milan to enrol on a specialised course that would equip him with the management skills he needed to become a successful businessman.

Milan is truly fertile ground for luxury brands. It is one of the fashion capitals of the world, making it a great shopping hub as well. Also, most of the luxury or premium brands have tremendous sales in Milan. Various other factors like Milan’s central location, international diversity, and fashion events also contribute to making Milan a great hub for luxury companies.

But it wasn’t all theory and studying: the MBA is an experience that you live in the first person, one that brings together different cultures, creates a network of contacts between professionals of the future, sparks communication between investors and talent to create tangible opportunities for professional growth, and ultimately helps raise the bar of ambition for all involved.

The network was a primary reason for choosing the program. My classroom had candidates from over 20 different nations. This is now a globally dispersed network.
I attend alumni events as well, giving me access to MIP’s global network. I also happen to be one of MIP’s ambassadors for my home country, India.

And if Cyril’s talent, his desire to develop and improve, fused with the quality of MIP MBA, were the engine behind his bright professional future, it was the city of Milan itself that provided him with the impetus – the gas in the tank, if you will. The Lombard city – the fashion and style capital of Italy and the world – offers unrivalled career opportunities for anyone wanting to forge a professional future in the world of fashion and luxury.

Cyril is currently employed by Intercos, one of the leading players in the beauty sector. The medium-sized cosmetics producer provides Cyril with plenty of challenges: it’s the ideal place to work in finance while tackling numerous different experiences on a daily basis, forcing Cyril to get his hands dirty and learn on the job.

Cyril’s story is one of success sought, success planned and success achieved. Check out the full interview here.