Art and management. Music and business. Irreconcilable worlds?

Not so – opposites do not always clash. In some very special cases, apparently opposing extremes are often revealed to have more in common than we think: they come together, interacting, each one mutually benefitting from the other.

As if by osmosis, the skills learned during one particular period become invaluable assets in giving us greater awareness when tackling future phases of our personal and professional lives.

In short, we can always learn something new, and nothing is worth throwing away. Ever.

Testament to this is Alberto Cammarota, a student on the 10th International Part Time MBA at MIP, with a past in the world of music.

Indeed, Alberto spent his youth studying music at a conservatory. His goal? To become a great concert musician.

Yet there was a change coming. Suddenly, Alberto decided to switch industry and set out on a new journey. And to call it a U-turn is to put it mildly.

Such a choice is always risky, but if done with the necessary skill it can be a successful one.

So it turned out to be for Alberto, who was accepted into MIP and enrolled on the International Part Time MBA programme.

But what was the secret to Alberto’s success?

Holding onto the values and skills instilled in him during his previous life. While he played his violin, Alberto can scarcely have imagined that each note would eventually come together to create a truly special melody.

Alberto’s story is one of determination and an ability to draw on his resources and deepest motivations to get his head down and push himself to achieve his objectives.

It’s a story of discipline and a spirit of sacrifice. Hours and hours exercising with no holidays or parties. Instead, Alberto strived for perfection, just as real leaders do every day.

Yet it is also a story of dialogue. Playing violin is not about performing for yourself – it’s about being able to strike up a connection with other people, to spark reactions and emotions within them. It’s about communicating with them, convincing them.

Note after note, Alberto learned the importance of managing stress, controlling his emotions and reactions and hitting deadlines. In the world of music, there are no excuses: the date of the concert cannot be changed, so everything must be ready in time. Therein lies the similarity with business and management, where project deadlines are integral to the planning of activities. As Darwin said, the rules of the ecosystem dictate the evolution of the species that inhabit it: if the motivation is there, you can overcome challenge after challenge. You evolve. You grow. You learn more quickly. You get better.

In both music and business, after years of training and hard work, the time comes for you to perform on the biggest stage: life.

Alberto has always dreamed of taking his bow in front of a “connected” audience, for the aim of a musician is to connect people with music. Only now, the applauding public will wear suits and ties. For Alberto’s future lies in the world of management.