Amedeo Aragona’s story is one of success which led him to reach his goal, a rather stimulating work in a large company operating in the international market.

Immediately after graduating from LUISS, Amedeo started working for Confindustria – the main organization that represents Italian manufacturers and service companies – but the idea of carrying out an MBA was always on his mind.

“I knew that an MBA would have allowed me to go further and fulfill my dreams: to develop a global mentality, learn to manage people and be a leader, understand all corporate processes and build long-lasting relationships with managers from all over the world”.


And considering his current position, it looks as if the MBA at MIP kept its promises, even exceeding all expectations.

“ I was able to talk with highly esteemed professors, I learnt how to work in a team, and I was able to reason on the large business questions: Now I know what a manager should and shouldn’t do.”

His fellow students certainly helped to make his experience even fuller. He was able to build close and lasting friendships with many of them coming from all over the world. The international environment that he found while attending MIP was in fact an integral part of the training and allowed him to acquire knowledge in relating with people of different nationalities and cultures. All extremely useful elements of his professional growth.

Amadeo’s first contact with Ferrero – a leader in the sweet foods sector (renowned for their Ferrero Rocher chocolates) – for whom he currently has the role of Product Marketing Manager, was through a MIP project, set to reorganise Ferrero Greece at a time of great economic instability in the Greek market.
There is no need to say that the trial run was successful and now Amedeo, with his acquired knowledge and experience, has launched himself onto a career path that looks set to prove more than satisfactory.
As he himself says, the engineering approach to problems that he learnt during his MBA at MIP was and continues to be particularly useful.

“At MIP, I learnt how to look beyond numbers, and how to anticipate problems and solutions”.

If you wish to learn more on Amedeo Aragona’s experience, you can read the full interview here. You will be bowled over by his enthusiasm and find useful points for reflection.

An MBA at MIP, with all the peculiarities that distinguish it, is a real opportunity for personal and professional growth.
To say it in Amedeo’s words:

“Without everything I learnt during my MBA at MIP, I would not have been able to reach the same results.”