After years of economic recession, short-sighted policies and decreasing consumption and productivity, Italy is back on track.

Its objective? To become the most appealing country on the planet in order to attract talented youngsters, tempt the most powerful sponsors and bring in rafts of new investment.
But wait – where’s all this optimism come from? Have we lost our marbles?
Not at all!
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has launched a €30bn plan to spark the upturn, slashing taxes and increasing investments in the process.
According to the Chamber of Commerce, 4000 new start-ups have been registered in the country, setting Italy well on the way to being a global hub of innovation and a melting pot for new business.

And perhaps most impressively of all, the Italian luxury sector has registered extraordinary growth of 100% between 2000 and the present day.

All this helps us to understand how the land of La Dolce Vita has rediscovered its ambition, rolled up its sleeves and readied itself to start again.

The newfound enthusiasm will help to blow away the cobwebs from Italy’s jewels and give them renewed splendour. Indeed, the country has finally rediscovered its A game in the market sectors it’s always excelled in – fashion, luxury, design and food.
Meanwhile, its cities are flourishing once again, its labour market is on the up and its most prestigious business schools are ready to open their doors to the most ambitious international talents looking for the best the market has to offer.

And it’s not just Europe: the leaders of the future looking to invest in their training by choosing an MBA in Italy come from all four corners of the globe.


Because Italian universities offer not only impeccable theoretical training, renowned professionals behind the lectern and dynamic network opportunities – they also guarantee you the chance to enter into instant contact with the crème de la crème of the business community, all of whom operate in sectors with sky-high scope for growth.

But don’t just take our word for it. Lan Liu, a Chinese student interested in the world of winemaking and viticulture, believes that his spell in Italy was the only way to finish his academic journey and complete his professional training.
Meanwhile, Andrea Di Grado – a former MBA student from the prestigious MIP School of Business in Milan – sees the Lombard capital as one of the best settings on the planet for anyone wishing to break into the world of business.
It is a city that has always been able to change and adapt to new cultures. Expo 2015 has allowed Milan to successfully put itself in the show window, catapulting itself into the international spotlight.
According to Di Grado, the MIP MBA programme combines the magnetic power of Milan with simply impeccable training, offering its students a world of opportunities to take up key roles in the wonderful field of business and innovation.

Long live Italy!


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