An MBA is a journey, a long and challenging experience that often starts in the moment you realize that what you really want to achieve is your own future!

In October 2014, Gaelle Gouraige – MIP MBA graduate who loves to define herself as a multilingual globetrotter from Miami – wrote on this blog that in her opinion “…this MBA was a life changing experience. You need to be ready to be shaken up and battered down so that you can become better than who you were before”

It is true! When you feel you are ready to do an MBA, you are conscious you are preparing to walk a hard path and you probably cannot wait for it to begin. There are things that you are leaving behind, some of them that are still happening; others that belong to the previous you, but you still feel the excitement of a new horizon, the same excitement you feel when you are ready to start a journey to a place of the world you have never been before.

A new day is starting: different faces to meet, stories to listen to, this is a new part of your life.

By signing up for an MBA, you are not only choosing to enrich your education with unparalleled theoretical knowledge, but also – and most importantly – embarking on an exceptional experience full of encounters, interaction and networking with students from across the globe.

This is what Duy Thai Tong – MIP MBA graduate and Ambassador for Vietnam – thinks when he states, “I was part of a great MBA class where the other students came from different backgrounds and countries. All of them were hard working, highly ambitious and super intelligent students I could learn so much from.” Different words but the same concept is expressed by Richa Gupta – MIP MBA graduate from India – in a video shot during an MBA party where she says that “it’s a privilege to be part of a class where people comes from 19 different nationalities. You get to know how things are done in different part of the world”

As a result, when you will finish your master the world will be so accessible and everything will be so close at hand that everywhere will be like home and you will be able to find special parts of your life wherever you will go.

This was the case of Flavio Vilani, a former MIP international MBA student and now MIP Ambassador for Brazil, who now lives in Brazil. As previously reported on this blog, on a trip to Santiago, he bumped into Frederick Petrilli, a fellow MIP alumnus from Ecuador who was on his way to Australia and had stopped off in the Chilean capital for just one day. They were course mates, tourists in the same city and guests in the same hotel.

Was it just a happy accident? A coincidence, like the many chance happenings that occur in our daily lives?

Maybe not.

This is what happens when you choose to take the first step, which will land you to your new home.
Milan will be your new hometown, MIP and your classmates your new family: Italy, USA, Ecuador, Vietnam, India and Chile might seem far apart from each other, but MIP will bring them closer together.

How many other lives will you cross? How many dreams will you share? You will never forget this moment that brought you here!

It is time to start your journey, come to the MBA of MIP Politecnico di Milano.