Gaelle is an alum of the MIP full time MBA. London based, she is a multilingual globetrotter from Miami with a love of design & innovation.

Lauren Hardisky – International MBA Class of 2011

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Arnaud Pétein – International MBA Class of 2011

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5 Tips for Applying to Business School

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Why do an International MBA?

Why should you chose to do an MBA, and how to find the best course for you? Gaelle Gouraige explains her choice and the value of an international environment

Why I chose an MBA, and why I chose MIP?

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GMAT: 10 things good to know…in 10 tweets!

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The Italian Immersion – MBA Kickoff days at MIP

How to describe the first impact with an International MBA? Here’s Gaelle Gouraige experience, from International MBA Class of 2011.

Business school isn’t for the faint hearted, but…

Mother Nature and my class were not friends. I don’t know if the staff knew this when they planned our outdoor activity, but it’s true. Volcanoes, unseasonably cold weather…

“It always seems impossible
until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela
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