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Salvatore Interdonato

Salvatore is one of the students of the 2017 edition of International Part Time MBA. Born in Italy and currently living and working in Romania as management controller for a manufacturing company dealing with the injection molding of plastic material. Answering to the question “what’s your purpose in this world?” he will answer “I’m here to solve problems with more efficiency and productivity. Problem solving gives me energy and satisfaction as well as the proof that we can always face new challenges within our companies offering new valuable solutions”.

UBIQUE – Starting up our MIP experience

Charming for a competition, scalable in real life. This is what sets apart Fabio Masoero Regis and Divya Singh’s project, UBIQUE: an innovative start-up designed for the world of personal luxury goods. Showcased for the first time at “The Mark Challenge”  ̶  a luxury service business plan competition organised by the University of Monaco in Monte Carlo – UBIQUE not only won in its category of MBA/Alumni but also the title of the Best Presentation. Ubique was born out of 4 months of research and the dedication of my

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

If I look back to the time when I was a student, I can see that math was my only guiding principle. Math was for me the most powerful tool I had to try to understand the reasoning behind every character type and aspect of human behavior.
As I approached groupwork studies for the first time, my main interest was totally focused on how hard it was for each member to bring their own experience to the table and make things work together as a team.

MIP International Part Time MBA 2017-2019

Before getting into the details on this (my first) article regarding the 2017 edition of the MIP MBA, let me introduce myself.
My name is Salvatore Interdonato and I am currently an MBA student at MIP. I was born in the beautiful Tyrrhenian pearl of Tropea and I have lived in Modena for most of my life. After my graduation in Civil Engineering, my desire to explore different environments led me to relocate, from Switzerland to Romania.

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