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Giovanni Scaramuzzo

Giovanni is a current student of the International Part Time MBA. Born in Matera, in the Southern region of Basilicata, he has spent the past 4 years living and working between the rest of Italy and abroad. He considers himself as a passionate, dynamic person, with a meticulous eye for detail. He really loves discovering new places and cultures. His motto is: “Always look for the sunshine in the dusk”.

This is the end…the best is yet to come!

The famous Roman poet Orazio used to say: “Carpe diem”, as an invitation to get everything you can out of your time here. A more recent “philosopher” from Rome, Professor Filippo Passerini, translated the Latin words into: “Be in the moment!” I managed to be in the moment, up to the point where I didn’t realize that time was inexorably flowing.

Reinventing a place through beer: welcome to Taranto!

After Naples, choosing another city is not easy. Italy is beautiful, and every village has something special to see. I have been wondering about two very different cities: either Florence or Taranto. There are good reasons to talk about both of them. However, I chose Taranto for two reasons: firstly, it is not as famous as Florence and it is probably more interesting to talk about a place that fewer people know; secondly, a lot of people know Taranto because of its environmental issues, so I am eager to show that there is much more than that to be discovered.

What do you know about Italy? That’s probably from Naples!

I wouldn’t like to offend anyone, however my personal opinion about Italy is that the country was born in Naples. I know that it sounds like the “Out of Africa” theory of paleoanthropology, that proposes a single area of origin for modern humans corresponding to East Africa, but my theory is really based on facts. What do most Italians eat? What is the most famous Italian food? You will probably answer either pizza or pasta. Right, both of them are from Naples ̶ thus if all Italians eat Neapolitan food, all the Italians are from Naples.

From the Caves to the stars: a portrait of Matera!

As many people might know, Matera was recently elected European Capital of Culture 2019, chosen from a group of candidates that consisted of some of the most famous Italian cities, such as Venice, Siena, and Perugia. Most people probably don’t know that much about Matera and even fewer are able to pin point the location on a map of Italy without having to ask “Mr Google”! Ok, let’s start from

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