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Laura Sierra

Of Colombian origins, Laura is a current student of the International Flex EMBA. She is creative, enthusiastic and dynamic. Passionate about digital marketing and development of new ideas and strategies that contribute to a better world. A travelling lover who likes learning and meeting new people.

5 important lessons I learnt during my i-Flex experience

I can’t believe it has been 18 months now, since the first day we met in Milan for the kick-off week. Doing an MBA is a decision that really changed my life in both a personal and a professional way, and I want to share the top 5 things that this program brought me:

International Week in Buenos Aires, a great experience to share

As scheduled, our second international week in Buenos Aires started on July 24th, but it actually started many months ago when all of us began to plan it, sharing flight information, accommodation details and proposals for city trips.

4 great lessons I learned at The World Business Forum, Bogotá

Last June I had the opportunity to attend the Wobi Event in Bogotá, “Be Beta”, a space that brings together a group of curious minds who share a passion for business. This was a great experience to complement my i-Flex program in the context of learning and gaining inspiration from many influential figures in business and other areas. It provided an excellent opportunity for networking and I came away feeling that my mind had been greatly stretched by the experience.

A typical day like an i-Flex student

After almost 5 months in the program, I must confess that it is quite challenging, but all the new concepts, all the experiences shared with my classmates and all the knowledge that I get every day are a proof that I have made the best choice when I decided to enroll in the master.

Starting a new experience: i-Flex MBA kick-off week

Thinking about the i-Flex kick-off week we have just had makes me realize that we have all just started an amazing journey that is going to fill us not only with new knowledge but also with new friends and great networking opportunities. To give you the full picture of the entire week, I will begin by talking about my “pre-kick-off week” feelings. Before arriving to MIP, I was kind of

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