The MIP Consulting Club is a newborn initiative developed by several students on the IMIM Master program. After undergoing a process of gestation, it is now starting to roll out thanks to the involvement of some more students from other MIP master programs, such as MG Lux and IM4. So far, it is composed mainly of recent graduates who want to know more about the career opportunities that this profession can offer and share their interests and questions.

Would you like to know why this all started?

Well, its raison d’être is mainly the interest of these students in the field of Consulting. It aims to attract proactive and social people who want to build strong links that keep them connected to the industry, in all senses. In the longer term, it aims to remain as a well-known social group where MIP students, Alumni, professionals and professors can share their interests and initiatives in order to build up a competitive professional profile and advance their personal development.

To achieve this, the MIP Consulting Club pursues three core objectives:

  • Networking between the members
  • Training and practice related to Consulting activities
  • Access the professional world


So, how do we put this into practice?

During the next few months, we plan to organize several events, such as:

  • Workshops of different types, such as case study solving conducted by experienced speakers, topic talks…
  • Recruiting events and informative talks with companies and Alumni professionals
  • Social events and regular meetings of the members

And more!

If this seems appealing, do not hesitate to join us as an active member or contact us in order to stay informed about our activities.

Here is our contact info: