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Category: "Career in Progress"

How digital learning can help you to study, work and make friends!

A charismatic Polish woman, living in the lovely city of Verona, working for an American company with international experience behind her and now halfway through her studies on the International Flex Executive MBA program at MIP Politecnico di Milano – let me introduce you to Manuela Andrzejewska, one of my international classmates and by now a good friend, thanks to the opportunities offered by the digital era. Manuela started working

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Behind the scenes of a Presidential Campaign

From the MBA to the presidential campaign. Our Alumnus Jehudi Castro Sierra, Vice-Minister of Digital Economy in Colombia, shares his experience as Chief Technology Officer during Colombian elections. You are a consultant and an entrepreneur but during the Colombian presidential campaign, you played a different role. Can you share this experience with us? My background is as a software developer and I have been leading software development teams in large companies like

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Experiencing FIRE: the new manager and their international employees

Laura Resegotti is a young, hard-working Product Manager at FIRE S.p.A., Messina. She graduated with a Master’s degree in international business from London South Bank University and started her journey with FIRE S.p.A. in 2016. Here is a brief rundown of my interview with her. Laura started working for Fire S.p.A. in March 2016, initially supporting a Product Manager who would soon be going on maternity leave. Like most new

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From Clicks to Bricks: Wardroba opens its first physical store

Do you remember Wardroba, the e-commerce and social platform launched by three Part Time MBA Alumni?
The startup, born at MIP and incubated by Polihub, has evolved over the years and now it’s ready for a new adventure.
Indeed, a couple of months ago, the digital platform went physical, opening its first temporary shop in Milan.
As we love keeping in touch with our #Growingleaders, we arranged an interview with Federico Della Bella, one of the founders of Wardroba, to discuss the next steps with him.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Stuck in a rut? Feeling blocked? There’s no need to think that your current position is your destiny, as one student at MIP Politecnico di Milano was to discover.
An International Full Time MBA at MIP helped Matteo Castagno land a great job as a business analyst with Nestlé Nespresso… and now he is only too happy that he took the plunge and made the switch from one industry to another.

Experience at the United Nations

My career dream has always been to work for an international organization. During my internship hunt, the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) was hiring a procurement intern which was a perfect match for my major – Supply Chain and Purchasing Management. Consequently, I applied for the internship without hesitation. Two months later, I received an offer.

You are the Project Manager!

“You are the Project Manager, you take notes!”, said the technical architect, in front of client representatives during a critical project meeting.
“No, I haven’t opened the excel sheet”, was the response from another key technical team member after the project manager sent a risk register to validate its artifacts.
“I am at the office if you need me”, was yet another key team members response to a project manager’s request for a m

The Book of Life: how one MBA student at MIP Politecnico di Milano started on a new chapter

An extract from the catalogue of luxury Italian manufacturer Moleskine states: “Our notebooks are books to be written…”
The MBA students at MIP Politecnico di Milano could be described in a similar way. The first chapters in the story of their lives have been completed but there is a whole adventure yet to unfold – and it was, in fact, at Moleskine that one such student, Jaimie Kim, added another chapter to her life’s work.

Contribution: a keyword to your growth

I would say that one of the most important lessons I have learned so far in life is about contribution, but let’s go in order.
At the age of forty, I have worked in five different countries for enterprises with very diverse working cultures and extremely multicultural environments.

Women in leadership: a matter of figures

In Italy, women are increasingly finding their own place in the job market. As the Sole 24 Ore reported, female employment reached 48.8% in June 2017, the highest figure since ISTAT started its recordings. Even so, according to the latest data published on the 30% Club Italian Chapter website, whose aim is to promote a greater participation of women in leadership, men still occupy the majority of the middle-top management positions.

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