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Category: "Create Value"

UBIQUE – Starting up our MIP experience

Charming for a competition, scalable in real life. This is what sets apart Fabio Masoero Regis and Divya Singh’s project, UBIQUE: an innovative start-up designed for the world of personal luxury goods. Showcased for the first time at â€śThe Mark Challenge”  ̶  a luxury service business plan competition organised by the University of Monaco in Monte Carlo – UBIQUE not only won in its category of MBA/Alumni but also the title of the Best Presentation. Ubique was born out of 4 months of research and the dedication of my

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The Angeline culture: between art, design and safety

In a few weeks, our MBA will come to an end. A few weeks of hard work and then these two years will tell us what we are made of. It’s project work time, and that’s what I’m going to talk to you about today. It represents the final step (the big final step I would say…) before completing the MBA and, as such, it should integrate the concepts, methods

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Italy driving digital innovation in luxury sector

Artisans, tailors and small business owners? Sure, but that’s not all. Italy’s luxury sector has left the era of thumbtacks, measuring tape and hand-drawn sketches behind and is now showing its pedigree in the world of business 2.0. That’s according to Contactlab, a leading Italian multi-channel digital marketing company, who have recently collected and published the results of the Digital Competitive Map 2018, a control and classification tool used to

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Altagamma and BCG analysis reveals luxury trends for coming years

We’ve heard of democratic luxury and the luxury of simplicity. And we all know what the greatest luxury of them all is: time.
But enough of the theory. Luxury, in the truest sense of the word, is more alive than ever and continues to go from strength to strength.
The market is fuelling consumption, boosting employment and supporting the economic growth of entire nations, most of all Italy.

A Glance over New Luxury Management

Are you ready to dive into the Luxury World? Go through “New Luxury Management. Creating and Managing Sustainable Value Across the Organization” to learn about the “new luxury” concept and to discover how a luxury company works. In three hundred pages, the editors Fabrizio Maria Pini and Emmanuelle Rigaud-Lacresse, International Master in Luxury Management Directors, will give you an overview of the luxury management.

Luxury market on the up in 2017: operation engage with millennials

Luxury is no longer a sector associated with older people, according to a recent market research study presented by Bain & Company at the Worldwide Market Monitor during Osservatorio Altagamma. The yearly event provides in-depth analysis on the sector, delivering an up-to-date snapshot of the health of the global luxury market.

Why are outlets the luxury sector’s biggest ally

Forget the link between “outlet” and “downgrade”.
According to outlet colossus Value Retail, the large number of outlet villages offering high-end clothes and accessories at heavily discounted prices can become important allies for the luxury sector and do more than just supply the convenience factor.
By offering customers a unique and highly polished shopping experience. Take Value Retail outlet villages, for example – they all adhere to strict standards in terms of the aesthetics of the communal areas and the way each individual luxury store is set out.

Top Italian managers leading big names of luxury sector

There is plenty of Italian influence at the top of the biggest companies in the world of luxury.
According to a recent report published in the online edition of Il Sole 24 Ore, Italian management talent is taking the foreign markets by storm, successfully taking control of the most prestigious high-end brands and organisations around.

Luxury and fashion: Italy accounts for 26 of top 100 global companies

According to the latest research by Deloitte, reported by the Il Sole 24 Ore business publication, Italy is still the global leader when it comes to the production and sale of high-end products.

La Rinascente becomes benchmark for European competitors

Products by the leading brands, enviable market positioning (its best-known store is in central Milan with views over the Duomo), on-trend accessories, exclusive capsule collections, unique collaborations with the most prestigious designers and an array of display areas guaranteeing an elite shopping experience.

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