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Category: "Go to market"

Watch out! Common social media slip-ups

Social media might be fertile ground for marketing, but it can also be a space packed with potential pitfalls. Opening an account and starting to post on social media is so easy a child could do it – all you have to do is sign up, and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest become great soapboxes for companies. With some investment, however small, posts can acquire greater visibility

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Artificial Influencers attract widespread interest from the most trend-conscious brands

Miquela Sousa – or Lil Miquela to her friends – is a beautiful American model with Spanish and Brazilian features. Aged around 20, she loves fashion and rap music. She also likes playing sports and spending her free time with her numerous friends. She can often be found taking a dip in the pool, enjoying the pleasures of the palate – including junk food at times – and making appearances

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Startups: the “lean” route to success!

Do you have a brilliant business idea? Are you thinking of launching your own startup? If so, then keep reading and enjoy the tips Antonio Ghezzi, Professor of Strategy & Startups, has shared with us! Startups and entrepreneurship are hot topics. Thus, when we heard of the latest article by Prof. Ghezzi – “Agile Business Model Innovation in Digital Entrepreneurship: Lean Startup Approaches” – we jumped at the opportunity to

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Trust is essential in online shopping: the challenge for brands is to build it up

In 2017, the global ​e-commerce market​ was worth more than $2 trillion. It is a record-breaking figure but more surprises are in store, with an increase of 100% expected by 2021. So should we consider the performances in the world of online shopping a success story? Not exactly: fewer than 4% of desktop users landing on an e-commerce website decide to make a purchase, so it is plain to see

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How to get balanced online reviews using economic and social incentives

90% of consumers check online reviews before buying something, especially when it comes to online purchases. This statistic was revealed by the online review community Trustpilot and confirmed by the Brighton-based web company BrightLocal.
Research carried out by the British organization also showed that four out of five customers claim that they trust brands more if they read positive reviews about them, while 84% of buyers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from acquaintances.

The 10 best startups of 2017

Someone wanted to learn how to play the guitar, another was a plane enthusiast. One dreamt of becoming a tennis player, others were seeking ways to communicate with colleagues. But they had one thing in common: an intuition that turned them into successful startuppers.

Digital marketing in the music industry

Hello everybody, my name is William Funck and I am a curious, entrepreneurial and multitasked digital marketer.
Two years ago I attended the IM4 master at MIP (those were good times).
I have now been working for well over a year as a digital marketing specialist, building communication plans across various digital channels, conceiving and implementing organic and paid campaigns, in one of the most dynamic and ever-changing fields: the music industry!

CSR communication works best on social media

From communication about corporate responsibility to corporate responsibility in the realm of communication: this is the switch that companies big and small are making in the way they talk about sustainability.
It is a global phenomenon driven by two main factors.

Building and Implementing a Content Marketing plan

For my Master’s Project with Beast Technologies, I had the unique opportunity to develop, plan, and implement a Content Marketing Strategy from scratch that grew our Social Media presence almost 80% in 6 months across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I am going to try and keep it contained to the key points and small takeaways as I don’t believe that you can just put a blanket strategy for every market.

Davide Zanolini, Piaggio Group CMO, on Made in Italy and its future challenges

During the course “Experience Design & Marketing: the Italian Way” the students of the International Master in Multichannel Marketing Management (IM4) were able to analyze cases and strategies undertaken by paramount Italian brands in key sectors like food & wine, design furniture, fashion, automotive and industrial goods. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to interview Davide Zanolini, Executive Vice President WW Marketing & Communication at Piaggio Group and CMO at Piaggio Fast Forward.

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