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Category: "Grow Sustainable"

Sustainability: the right choice for 55% of consumers and a huge opportunity for companies

Sustainability: everybody talks about it, but few actually practise what they preach. It’s a massive challenge for every company on the planet. Brands are having to revolutionise their products and processes in order to reduce the environmental and social impact of their businesses, but it’s not always easy for mere consumers to get involved. Currently, customers – stakeholders in and citizens of a world that is becoming increasingly polluted as

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Empowering the circular economy

“The circular economy imperative” was the focal point of the recent video forum on the MIP platform. The video forum, as part of the curricula, is organised for each International Flex EMBA course and is linked to Yammer, allowing students to post their comments on the topic and share new documents to support their arguments. The topic of circular economy was chosen by Professor Andrea Sianesi, Dean and President of the Board of MIP, during the Supply Chain Management course.

The only Circular Economy course in Italy: guiding students from theory to practice

“Have you heard of critical materials?” With this question, Professor David Peck began our first day of the Circular Economy MBA Bootcamp. He urged the whole class to raise our cell phones in the air and broke down how many critical raw materials and conflict minerals are contained in our mobile phones and computers. This start to the lesson got us thinking about the many materials that compose our belongings, our businesses’ products, our lives.

Italy’s emerging food, fashion and furniture brands focus on sustainability and internationalisation

Innovative, internationally focused and sustainable. These are the three main attributes shared by the 50 leading emerging Italian brands, described by Legalcommunity founder Aldo Scaringella as “examples of excellence today, multinationals tomorrow”.

Agritech, fertile ground for startups

Some people create bacon from seaweed or invent a gel for plants and others produce wine corks that narrate stories. These are ideas that are circulating in the world of agriculture technology, or agritech, a “fertile ground” for innovative solutions that address crucial issues for the future of humanity such as sustainability and food security.

Green jobs for growth

Italian startup Greenrail is fresh off a 15-year, 75 million dollar contract in the US for its patented eco-friendly rail sleepers made from recycled plastic and end-of-life tyres.
Incubated within innovation accelerator PoliHub at the Politecnico di Milano, the company is just one sign of the vibrancy of Italy’s green economy.

Sustainability is the buzzword for the fashion industry in 2018

Sustainability is the hot new thing in the fashion world: circular economy, environmental responsibility, renewable energy and recycling are some of the sector’s latest buzzwords.
Increasingly, the fashion industry is abandoning appearance for substance.
At the heart of the sustainable movement is the acknowledgement that the situation within the fashion industry has strayed into the realms of the extreme.

The Milan of the future will be circular

From consumption to waste to new life. The heart of the circular economy is beating harder than ever.
This virtuous cycle – which centres on the reuse of discarded resources – is in the process of broadening its horizons.
So what’s the latest trend in the circular economy? To transform solid organic waste (SOW) into eco-chic design materials and green bricks for the construction projects of the future.
It is an ambitious dream – one that could soon become a reality in Milan.

The Greener, the Happier

“The objects we produce are beautiful because the hands creating them are happy”, Tiziana Terenzi

When I heard this quote for the first time, I was at the Politecnico di Milano School of Management, attending the Sustainable Luxury Academy event organized by the School in partnership with Mazars.
Representatives from the most important luxury companies gathered to discuss and to share their own formula to make their hands “happy”. For the sake of more sustainable — and beautiful — products.

The Circular Economy

“We are so bound by time. By its order… But now I’m not so sure I believe in beginnings and endings. There are days that define your story beyond your life. Like the day they arrived.” –“Arrival”
When it comes to business, we can easily fall into the stereotype of a linear mindset, believing it all starts from getting the customers and ends with offering them the products or services they expect.

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