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Category: "Insights"

Chatbot: the new marketing “ambassadors”

Companies are opening their arms to the world of artificial intelligence and letting chatbots do the talking. These programmes engage in dialogue with us on websites, social networks and apps, taking the place – at least in part – of human beings. We’ve all dealt with them, and sometimes we come to think of them like proper people. Companies have even started giving them names: Siri is the virtual butler

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How blockchain can help the environment

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, nodes, ledgers, transactions and blocks are just a few of the hottest terms in the field of innovative tech right now. Yet often the meaning of these terms can be unclear. Let’s try and make some sense of them by answering some of the most common questions in this area. What’s blockchain? How does it work? What are the main benefits? And how many sectors can it be

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E-commerce: Italy ready for the next step

Up until a decade ago, “e-commerce” was just about the most futuristic concept you could get. The idea of buying goods and services through your computer – and avoiding the crowded streets, packed supermarket car parks and chaotic shopping centres in the process – seemed like something out of a science fiction novel. But why? Well, it was partly down to the lack of companies offering such a service, partly

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The successes and failures of hashtag marketing

They’ve invaded social networks one by one, from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Hashtags are now known all around the world. The word was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2010 and there is virtually no point in explaining what a hashtag is nowadays. Yet it certainly is worth asking ourselves a rather uncomfortable question. Do we really need hashtags? Do they really help to promote a story,

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Pop-up stores: the story of their success

CARPE DIEM Pop-up stores: condensed brand experience Carpe diem, as the Romans used to say. The Roman poet Horace encouraged us to seize the day and it is a lesson that applies to all of the enjoyable things in life, including the wonderfully frivolous delights of shopping. This is exemplified by temporary shops, also known as pop-up stores. They have introduced new dynamics and desires into the retail world by

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Sustainable packaging: how far have we come?

START WITH PACKAGING   The many stumbling blocks on the road to sustainable packaging Sustainability and success increasingly go hand in hand for brands in today’s market. This is underlined by businesses in the field: in recent years, green approaches have helped numerous companies to relaunch successfully in their own fields or explore new ones. However, while taking an eco-friendly approach may have seemed ground-breaking and original some time ago, due

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Voice technology: the voice of the future

Part friend, part virtual butler – we just can’t do without our voice-technology assistants. They’re in our smartphones, in our homes, in our cars. They’re activated by simply hearing our voices, and – over time – they get to know us. They become familiarised with our vocal timbre, learn to understand our tastes and grow alongside us with every passing day. They guide us, assist us and liberate us. Because

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CVs and interviews: what does the future hold?

Print it out. Use the Europass format. Keep it brief. Add a photo. Write it in two different languages. Make sure you get it all on one page.
Striving to write the perfect CV can be a stressful process!
It needs to be concise while also thoroughly outlining your skills (both soft and hard).
It needs to offer a pleasant reading experience for humans while also being IT friendly, so that it can be screened by computers searching for keywords associated with the vacancy. It needs to be creative but not too free-spirited or you may give the impression of being flippant.

Sharing economy: what’s it all about?

It’s the biggest phenomenon in the world right now. With a global market value of over $4 trillion and a workforce of nearly 1.5 million people, the sharing economy is undoubtedly the place to be.
It’s a sector that creates a great deal, destroys nothing and transforms everything and anything – a new world where innovation is as natural as breathing and investment is on the up and up.
Beneficial, smart, and ultra-modern it may be, but the sharing economy is not always that easy to understand. So what’s it all about?

Crypto curiosities: interesting facts about cryptocurrencies you do not want to miss!

It was the second most-searched word in the world in 2017, after Hurricane Irma. It sparked panic amongst experts in the world of finance and other sectors, making the front pages of newspapers all over the world. We’ve all heard of the gold rush – but we are now living in the age of the Bitcoin rush.

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