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Category: "Study in Progress"

Back to school – My MBA kick-off at MIP

After three years far away from school desks, I felt the need to go back, eager to learn the business side of my day-to-day job. So a few months ago, I decided to invest in an international MBA and, therefore, to start a new adventure as a part-time student at MIP Business School. My name is Andrea De Donatis, I graduated three years ago in Energy Engineering at the Politecnico

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The value of human interactions and diversity – The MIP Campus experience

MIP is part of the Bovisa Campus of the Politecnico di Milano. Its modern architecture contrasts with the traditional Milanese landscape. These contemporary and functional buildings are irrelevant however, if we don’t focus on the primal aspect that makes them special: the human interactions that take place inside them. MIP is a melting pot of cultures, experiences and points of view. A place of discussion, where collaboration is at the

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Project Work Experience

As excited I was for the new learnings, new challenges, a new exposure to the Italian work culture, the same excitement was there in me to experience the new traditions, new lifestyle and most important the delicious food at Sicily. Sicily is the largest and one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Getting a Project Work on this island during the summers of 2018 was a bonus

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Representatives Application Bible

How to undertake your MBA in perfect fashion Welcome to our fourth appointment on the international MBA journey! Considering that the next MBA editions are due to start before too long, this time I have decided to shift the nature of our conversation a little bit and make it more informative, sharing with you some advice on the application process. So I thought, “Who better than our course representatives could

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L’avventura – My MIP Choice

Life often brings unexpected journeys that change our perspectives and motivations. I never imagined living in Italy and stepping inside the Roman Colosseum that seemed so remote in my high school history textbook and Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” film; or tasting a salty pistachio gelato for the first time, while watching the Vesuvius volcano in the distance from the waterfront in Naples. Italy is a feast for the senses, that captivated

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This is the end…the best is yet to come!

The famous Roman poet Orazio used to say: “Carpe diem”, as an invitation to get everything you can out of your time here. A more recent “philosopher” from Rome, Professor Filippo Passerini, translated the Latin words into: “Be in the moment!” I managed to be in the moment, up to the point where I didn’t realize that time was inexorably flowing.

5 reasons to study Project Management at MIP Politecnico di Milano

I do not mean that you really need an excuse to move to Milan to study at a leading European business school and brush up on your project management skills, but here is my list of 5 reasons to do a Master’s degree in International Project Management at MIP Politecnico di Milano in case you are not convinced yet.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

If I look back to the time when I was a student, I can see that math was my only guiding principle. Math was for me the most powerful tool I had to try to understand the reasoning behind every character type and aspect of human behavior.
As I approached groupwork studies for the first time, my main interest was totally focused on how hard it was for each member to bring their own experience to the table and make things work together as a team.

5 important lessons I learnt during my i-Flex experience

I can’t believe it has been 18 months now, since the first day we met in Milan for the kick-off week. Doing an MBA is a decision that really changed my life in both a personal and a professional way, and I want to share the top 5 things that this program brought me:

Take an Italian student just over his MBA graduation day

Imagine his last two years, riddled with continuous efforts and fatigue due to entire nights spent studying despite the stress of his daily working life, frequent trips to Milan and long weekends invested in attending the lessons. Hours and hours dedicated to never-ending conference calls to prepare for the exams, giving up free time and putting his own feelings to one side.

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