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Keep calm and enjoy the application process!

I thought my university and professional background was not consistent with an MBA with quite a technical and engineering approach, such as the one at MIP (or at least that’s what I believed at that time).

3 essential resilience strategies for modern-day leaders

Disappointment, loss of motivation, anxiety, depression and capitulation are some of the most common reactions in those who find themselves faced with a major fiasco: when one has invested everything in an idea or a growth plan, it is particularly difficult to admit defeat. True leaders, on the other hand, display an ability to pick themselves up after a fall and keep going, even stronger than before.

How to impress during an internship (or at your new job)

The first week at a new job. Whether it’s an internship or the beginning of a new phase in your working life, all the attention is on you. Nobody is expecting you to be already perfectly in sync with the company or up to date with ongoing projects, but some aspects of your conduct are certain not to go unobserved.

Seven tips for launching your own start-up (part 2)

So where were we? Ah, yes! We were working through seven precious pearls of wisdom from Avid Larizadeh Duggan, a General Partner of Google Venture, no less. She’s put together a list of key advice for young talent looking to launch a start-up. We’re up to number four: are you ready to go again?

Seven tips for launching your own start-up (part 1)

Got an idea? Great – but you need more than that to become a successful entrepreneur. You need passion, dedication, a clear objective and a whole lot of expertise.

Experience is vital when managing an international team

In our contemporary, cosmopolitan and joined-up world, it is increasingly important to have a comprehensive understanding of the cultural differences between people.

Tips on how to tackle a video interview and other simple advice for an effective job search

In a world without borders, where companies are getting more global by the second and job opportunities overseas are no longer the exception to the rule, it’s increasingly common for initial job interviews to take place remotely.

Volunteering could clinch you the job of your dreams

According to recent research carried out by Deloitte, when it comes to reading CVs, interviewers look very positively on the profiles of those whose previous experiences include volunteer work.

Job interview: how to perform like a growing leader

If you have decided to move on from your latest job experience, you are looking for a breath of fresh air to boost your enthusiasm or you are seeking a concrete opportunity to enter the world of work, you need to hone your skills and ensure that you are the perfect candidate.

3 pieces of advice from Patrick Thomas, former CEO of Hermès, to future leaders, MBA students

Even when it comes to being flexible in work, you need to have fixed and consolidated bases.
This is according to none other than Patrick Thomas, known to the general business public for being CEO of leading luxury company, Hermès.

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