One thing people seem to forget whilst immersed in business school is that there is life after the MBA. You’ve traded in boardroom meetings for late nights huddled in a cubicle. Everything feels like being back at university or an episode of “The Apprentice”. Conference calls? Staff meetings? You’re more worried about your Stats final or remembering what on earth you did in your last Organizational Behavior class five weeks ago.

Many programs leave this reintroduction to the “real world” until the second half of business school. MIP, however, gives you the opportunity to do so from the start of the second term.

MIP has a great relationship with both local and multinational firms. Due to Milan’s central location and its status as the financial capital of Italy, you can get to know a Fortune 500 company on an intimate level. In the video above, you’ll see one of the more recent company visit to Whirlpool. Getting the chance to have a private tour of a company and ask HR managers just what it is they look for in a candidate. You can decide for yourself if the company and its culture would be a right fit for you, and the recruiters can let you know if you are what they are looking for.

Even better is when you see graduates of MIP walking the halls, more than happy to make you feel welcome and speak about how their experience at MIP prepared them for their current position. Take for instance former student, Stefano Spinozzi, who is now a Global Strategic Sourcing Analyst at Whirlpool. His explanation of how MIP prepared him for such a demanding position is one than many of us alumni can agree with.

For those students who can’t seem to get away from via Lambruschini 4C (as was the case with me until my project work), representatives from companies recruiting not only in Italy, but abroad as well, host evening meetings at MIP, giving students a special insight into their firm. Getting to interact with these representatives from companies you are interested in working for, is a great way to make yourself known. MIP makes sure that each student has their own set of business cards in order to facilitate this exchange, so there is no need to be shy!

Seeing firsthand how what you are learning in the classroom translates to the boardroom is what helps to shape the knowledge and character of the modern MBA student.

Stay tuned for more about my experience with the Organizational Checkup and the Project Work.