It was a very beautiful morning when I arrived in Milan, Lampugnano station. My “Proprietario” (Landlord) who was supposes to meet and welcome me to Milan and to take me to my residence was absent. He had a change in plan due to an unforeseen circumstance for which he sent me a lot of maps and address to help me locate my residence.

I had big constraints, I will not be able to communicate with him on arrival, my mobile network will not be active neither will I have an access to a “wifi” to communicate. Notwithstanding this challenge I could not speak or understand the Italian but I took the challenge and I told him I will be meeting him at the address given me.

Upon arrival at Milano Nord Bovisa station, I wandered for half an hour and did not have sign of my street name; I kept on asking people who might be able to speak English and help me to locate my address. Finally, I spoke to this gentleman who gave me helpful assistance to a landmark I was looking for. Two minutes walk after, I heard someone call my first name –  this person calling me was a stranger to me. When I got closer, he mentioned my name again and introduced himself to me as my “Proprietario”.

To sum it up I had a very resounding first week on campus because almost all my activities were well supported by the International Student Office and my program coordinator. My experience and lessons learnt in the first week of my stay in Milan and MIP goes to new comers to Milan and MIP as advice.

I call my advice THE “A” TRIPOD. When you follow these three advices you will definitely have a smooth transition into the Milan and MIP culture and academic life without stress. Come with me to the distressing tips.

First A

Arrange for a pick up. This is very important if you are a new comer to Milan and MIP; besides your arrangement for the pickup, you must have an alternative plan to help you settle quickly in Milan your first day especially when you do not have an idea of the Italian language. it will also be proper to go online and learn some Italian words to break the ice when you meet a new person in Italy.

Second A

Attend your orientation session and to all events. It is advisable to arrange your MIP orientation session on the same day or the day after your arrival in Milan. This is the greatest assistance you can receive: all the important issues concerning your peaceful stay in Milan are well discussed. Don’t take yourself out of other MIP official events: it is time and opportunity to make new friends and enlarge your network.

Third A

Ask the International Student Office (ISO) members or your program Coordinator when in doubt. They are always glad to make the students life on campus and in Milano a great experience!