The Italian brands and products are synonymous with a unique esthetic appeal and high quality, so that “Made in Italy” has become a sort of brand. The Italian Style is the fruit of years of experience, design excellence and a combination of knowledge and values translated into a value proposition that is able to live up to the highest customer expectations.

During the course “Experience Design & Marketing: the Italian Way” the students of the International Master in Multichannel Marketing Management (IM4) were able to analyze cases and strategies undertaken by paramount Italian brands in key sectors like food & wine, design furniture, fashion, automotive and industrial goods. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to interview Antongiulio Coppa Bennati of Manifatture Sigaro Toscano and ask him some questions about the company and the main challenges that the so-called Made in Italy will have to face in the future.


1. Can you please introduce yourself and describe your company?

After two important experiences in British Airways and British American Tobacco, I joint Manifatture Sigaro Toscano in 2011, leading Sales and Marketing Direction for Italy. In 2015 I’ve been appointed as Commercial Manager for Export and Duty Free channels.

Manifatture Sigaro Toscano is a Maccaferri Industrial Group company, controlled through the Holding S.E.C.I. S.p.A. (since 2006). Manifatture Sigaro Toscano is a modern company which has a very clear mission: to introduce in the whole world a unique product that represents an Italian culture and tradition: THE TOSCANO® CIGAR.

The excellent results achieved so far, proof the effectiveness of our strategy.


2. Can you briefly explain the link between Made in Italy and your products?

A violent downpour of 1815 in Florence gave rise to a legend that to this day bears the world-renowned name of Toscano® cigar. Since 200 years Toscano® is produced in Italy and made with the best Kentucky tobacco mainly from Italy.
Strong character, authentic and frank, Toscano® is a determined brand, with no compromise and reflects the excellence of a made in Italy product, appreciated in more than 50 countries in the world.


3.  What are, in your opinion, the main challenges Made in Italy will have to face in the future?

Made in Italy is something that feeds on everything that makes our country unique and appreciated worldwide . Therefore its protection is of meaning and national importance. Made in Italy has proved a major asset of our economy even in these times of crisis and, for this reason, on future challenges that will have to support, on its mission and strategies to better defend it, spread it and promote it, is necessary to build a common point of view, a convergence between companies, institutions and society. It means reflecting on the strengths of our economy, but also of our country, its communities and its talents.